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Patron of my Heart

My love for you will always be my pain
Forever wasted for you’ll never know
How truly broken, conflicted, and low
You’ve made me feel. Yet, still, you part again
Those perfect lips; my heart cannot maintain
Any semblance of control. My darling, show
Me your heart and I will not let go
Of my dreams that one day I’ll find no chains
To hinder and impede this passioned love
Nor to critique us on the standard roles
Of teacher and his student. Do not force
Your damn opinion in my face. No goals
Were ever realized by accepting of
Conventions dictated to us, of course.

Emotions via Scents

It is comforting smell of freshly laundered clothes
It is the unassuming muskiness that shines
Each breath I take
I breathe it in
And in turn fills me with the need to breathe again
Each breath I take
Causes an adrenaline rush
Each time I hear the word
See the car
Or its hue
It is like sunlight
Warm and embracing
Filling my heart
And filling my lungs
It is often times I forget the words
But the scents
The feelings always return
It leaves my heart beating
Fast and hard
At 1:30am
So that I cannot sleep
And think of nothing but you
It’s like a panic attack
Because I know I can’t have you
I’m far too reserved
To spoil what I already have

Prompt:Write or draw the colour(s) and appearance of the emotion of your choice without directly mentioning or using that colour or emotion

Driving Sorrows

Prompt: writing – compose a piece (prose or poetry) without using the letter ‘e’

So it turns out
All Along
It is not that I am bad at driving
That is not so
In fact
I won’t kill you with my driving
It turns out
All along
I was afraid
Of my dad
But my mom is amazing
So is my driving instructor

Reality of Dreams

Prompt: Be inspired by a dream or a nightmare of your choosing. It can be yours or one that someone else has told you about

When I was young
I met you
Going on grand adventures
With you by my side
As I grew up those grand adventures disappeared
And I began to lose the fantasy we built

No longer did we fight dragons
Venture through middle earth
Or try to save Gotham

Instead you married me
We settled down
Started a family

We were happy

And each morning I woke up
I didn’t remember
The grand adventure of the night before
Just as I used to

Each morning instead
I remember how you made me feel
It’s always the lingering bliss

So much like reality
It’s how something made you feel
You may not remember the lesson the teacher taught
The message your co-worker gave
But you’ll always remember the way it made you feel

I’ve become a realist
And truly that scares me
I’d rather be the idealist
Dreaming my life away

So in a way
My dreams have become my nightmares

Child of Circumstance

Prompt: Take a cliché, idiom or overused convention/concept and make it new or turn it on its head (reinterpret or argue against)

The most common advice I’ve received is that happiness starts with me or comes from within or whatever, but really, I don’t believe a word of it. Okay, not true. I partially believe it because yes, there are like seven billion people on this planet and I shouldn’t let one lousy piece of sh*t ruin my day, but sometimes that’s how it goes. In fact that exact thing happened today. And that situation showed perfectly how something so crappy can influence a person so differently. My first reaction was to cry, but because the guy was such an asshole, I doubt my tears would have had any sort of effect on him. My co-worker on the other hand was so angry she was physically shaking and couldn’t mentally do anything except for tell him off as nice as she could possibly do so even if he didn’t deserve it. Now worse things can happen and even then will you tell me I should just forget a personal attack as though I have no feelings. I am just not that kind of person. Yes, I will burn out because of how I react to situations and deal with them but I have always chosen to be the moth. To immolate myself on a flame because I would rather feel. To live. Rather than to hold it all inside to pretend I don’t care and just let it go.

But you would stick to your ideology right? You would choose to be happy. To ignore the negativity. But tell me this. If you beloved cat died, your leg put into a meat grinder and served to you and your sister cannibalized, would you still try to be happy? The point is, is that even if you choose happiness it’s not something that can be done forever. Gosh, that would be so exhausting. I just don’t believe that you wouldn’t feel negative emotions. I believe more so that you and I are shaped by the world around us and that we often mirror the world around us. We are a reflection and product of society and if you believe that, I’ve got you halfway. You or I may choose happiness, but that does not guarantee happiness. I have woken up on many an occasion and thought to myself, “Today I will let no one ruin it.” And it is those days that are always the worst. If I think to myself, this will be a sh*tty day and it turns out better than I expected, well then I have a good day. So thank you for your advice, but I won’t be taking it. Just let me wallow in my despair. I’m much happier then anyways.


“Never make som…

“Never make someone a priority when all you are to them is an option.”
-Maya Angelou-


I feel like I may be the only one
Who feels what I feel
Though I know I am not
I feel the need to fit in
Yet don’t bother to conform
I feel the weight of my obligations
But act like I’m free

I am a mass of contradictions
A beautiful paradox
I feel like I’m unique
But like everyone else, the same

One minute I’m in love
With the flowers and the trees
With the sun and the breeze
With you and with me
And with the whole wide world
The next I’m imbued with deadly hate

I’m caring inside
I really am
Sometimes I’m shy
And can’t show you well

I have a million curiosities
Growing inside of me
But for fear of being rude
Keep quiet
And in turn am rude
For keeping quiet

So to those out there
I’ve offended with my shyness
Please forgive me
I have loved you the most

You are my sunshine
And you are my rain
I will never stop loving you
Until the day I start hating you

Prompt: writing – write a song or poem about yourself
music – compose a short song that describes you
drawing – draw a timeline of yourself/a before and after during a major change in your life or draw yourself then and now (10 year gap or something)

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