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我的心 (My Heart)

Prompt: Create something reflective of your cultural heritage
Warning: I am not fluent in Chinese, the grammar in these sentences may be completely off. BTW I did not write the English and then translate it, I did it the other way around, but I still suck >_<

我不可以對你說我的感覺 (I can’t tell you my feelings)
但是,沒有一天我不想你 (But there isn’t a day I don’t think about you)
我不可以做你的愛人 (I can never become your beloved)
因為你對我是個小孩子 (Because to you I am a child)
我也不可以離開你(And yet I can never leave you)
雖然你不明白我的心痛 (Although you can’t understand my heart ache)
我永遠愛你 (I will always love you)

Patron of my Heart

My love for you will always be my pain
Forever wasted for you’ll never know
How truly broken, conflicted, and low
You’ve made me feel. Yet, still, you part again
Those perfect lips; my heart cannot maintain
Any semblance of control. My darling, show
Me your heart and I will not let go
Of my dreams that one day I’ll find no chains
To hinder and impede this passioned love
Nor to critique us on the standard roles
Of teacher and his student. Do not force
Your damn opinion in my face. No goals
Were ever realized by accepting of
Conventions dictated to us, of course.

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