Reader. Writer. Romantic.

Emotions via Scents

It is comforting smell of freshly laundered clothes
It is the unassuming muskiness that shines
Each breath I take
I breathe it in
And in turn fills me with the need to breathe again
Each breath I take
Causes an adrenaline rush
Each time I hear the word
See the car
Or its hue
It is like sunlight
Warm and embracing
Filling my heart
And filling my lungs
It is often times I forget the words
But the scents
The feelings always return
It leaves my heart beating
Fast and hard
At 1:30am
So that I cannot sleep
And think of nothing but you
It’s like a panic attack
Because I know I can’t have you
I’m far too reserved
To spoil what I already have

Prompt:Write or draw the colour(s) and appearance of the emotion of your choice without directly mentioning or using that colour or emotion

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