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In My Mirror

When I look in the mirror
I do not see beauty
I see all the things wrong with me
All the things that make me undesireable

But beauty is only skin deep
A mirror doesn’t just reflect the physical
A mirror shows you the cruelty behind my eyes
The lines of a frown
Permanently etched into my features

Why is it when you stand by my side
The hatred, the cruelty, the ugliness disappears?
What is that you bring that I do not have?
Standing next to you I’m perfect
Standing next to you makes me want to be better
A better version of myself
A better version for you
For our future
For our children

You made me believe
Brought out the best
Of who I could be

When I look at you
I see perfection
Still as can be
And true as true

How did a girl like me end up so lucky
To find someone as darling as you
What did I do to deserve this?

Regardless of it all
I love you
For what you have made me
For what you’ve brought to my life
And most of all
I love that you’ve opened my eyes
And allowed me to love myself





Boats Against the Current

I look at the green dot
Sitting by your name
I think about the day you’ve had
I think about talking to you about it

But then I think
I’ll just be a bother
So I stare at the green
And feel as Jay Gatsby did
Looking at that green light
Off in the distance
Marking a place
I’ll never be
A place
I’ll never sail to

The Novelty of Love

Has the novelty of love worn off of you?

I remember a time
When we’d spend every waking moment
Talking and laughing
Waiting for each others’ replies

I remember a time
When I felt giddy in your presence
When just seeing me made you shiver with excitement

Has the novelty of love passed you by?

I hear no more sweet nothings
I hear no more replies
I wonder if I just died
Would you even know?

You say that you love me
But I feel it’s mechanical
A beautiful lie

My words are still true
My heart still beats for you
Forever and always
I will always choose you

You’ve gone back to your old ways
You say that you’re busy
But you make time when it’s convenient
You say that you’ve forgotten
And I believe it

Maybe I’m crazy
And maybe I overreact
But maybe I’m right
Maybe this is your way of saying
That you don’t love me anymore
This is goodbye

Love Eternal

If I die here tomorrow
I want you to remember me this way
I want you to remember the smile on my face
And the way I glance at you when I think you’re not looking
The way my fingers dance across your skin
And the way my breath catches in my throat when I see you

If I die here tomorrow
I wonder if you’ll remember these times
Of the hopes and dreams we’ve made for the future
Of the laughter and joy
And the tears and frustrations
That made us who we are

If I die here tomorrow
I wonder if you’ll just move on
Forgetting all that we’ve built
In the sun lit dew mornings
And the moon dust clouded nights
Trying to erase all memory of the pain I will cause

Will you remember what it feels like
Lying next to me in the dark
Feeling me tremble
From the cold?

Will you remember what it feels like
To wake up in the morning
To roll over with me there by your side?

Will you remember
The lies we told ourselves?
The grand adventures we went on?

Or will you give up all you had?
Will you return to the death like state you once embraced?

You and I
Belong together
In life and in death
There will be no separation
For we can never go back
For nothing will compare
Nor fill the void
That we have now made for one another

You can try to replace me
Erase me
Forget me
But you and I both know
The day I died
You followed me

Shattered Together

Who would have thought, when we first met that day
That you would soon become my heart and soul.
I never once imagined such a role
You’d come to have. For always, I’ve pushed away
All those who dared stir the dormant fray
Of passioned zeal that lies within my coal
Black coffer. Too long have I let its toll
Run its course on me. But I had to play
This game to learn who I was, to give you
The best of what I could be. Too many failed
Attempts on both our parts have left us hurt.
But now we know what is meant to love true
And I forever promise to prevail
In sickness and in health to Love’s exert

Just Another Poem About Love

Every once in a lifetime
We meet someone
Who’s heart sings a song incomplete
Waiting for ours to answer back

Every once in a lifetime
We hear a heartbeat
A song that we will never tire of

Your song was more than beautiful
But it was not my time to dance
And so I passed you by
Like nothing more than a summer breeze

But love
And time
Have a strange way of working
For what would have been right
Was then wrong

I may not have loved you then
But I love you now
And though those words have become empty lies
I’ll prove it to you
Time and time again
Through the things I will do

For the most beautiful things in life
Are the moments we share
And nothing
And no one
Will ever take those away from us


Perfection is not
Each night spent on the town
Spending extensive amounts of money
For food
And entertainment

All I ask
Is for time with you
To curl up
Next to you
Watching  you play the games you love

I want to lie there
In your lap
To close my eyes
And feel your warmth
Knowing that I’ll be safe

That is perfection

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