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Prompt: Choose one of the seven deadly sins and describe it without ever naming it.

Justified by literature
Every luscious flavour accentuated
Each swirl of red, blue, and yellow
Each perfectly placed
Perfectly timed

Sweet notes heightened by fiery rage
A touch of acid
Hinted behind floral screens

The beauty
It mesmerizes
Even those who pay no heed

It invades our lives
Every moment
We are so dependant
But we hardly notice
When it takes over

Sweet salvation
Savoury redemption
Fiery passion
Caustic burns
Bitter retreat

We are slaves of biology
Manipulated by technnology
To want what something we didn’t even know we wanted
Until it’s too late
The damage done

No good can come from it
When consumed by such power of desire
In a society so fixated
Will there ever be reprieve?


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