Reader. Writer. Romantic.

Staring at the green light
Blinking in the distance
Thinking about her

But she doesn’t know
Doesn’t care
As I sit here pining
For a love I cannot have

It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do
To watch that light blinking
To watch that light fade out
To watch that light vanish forever

It was my choice
But yet I can’t bring myself to stop the pain
Never have I experienced something so excruciating
So exquisite that it drew out my very soul

It’s not that I cannot live without you
It’s that I do not want to

I thought the years
Would put some distance between us
But a hundred years would not
Could not
Change the love I have for you

Though I see not a blinking light
At the end of my pier
Your green light still remains
Taunting me

You’re there
But I cannot reach you
My love cannot reach you
Across the water
Across this electronic plane

You are my Daisy
My Daisy

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