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Location: 715-12100 Macleod Trail SE

The day after having Vietnamese food at Tamarind with Julia, I came here with Alex for lunch. As I understand, this was one of her favourite places to have Vietnamese food, and she was a little curious/apprehensive about what I’d have to say about this place.

We started with the Shrimp Salad Rolls which were served with a peanut sauce. Typically, I only order salad rolls and spring rolls when I’m having pho because the contents of a salad roll are pretty much identical to the vermicelli (bun), so it’s too much of the same for me, but Alex loves them so, naturally, I had to give them a try. I found them to be standard, which is a good thing. These are so easy that I’d be very unimpressed if they somehow messed it up. But again, I grew up eating and making these, so maybe they’re not as easy to make as I think they are.

Since I had pho the day before with Julia, I opted to order a vermicelli dish, as did Alex. I ordered the Mina’s Vermicelli Special and Alex had the Charbroiled Pork and Spring Roll on Rice Vermicelli. The Mina’s Vermicelli Special comes with bean curd skin with shrimp paste, spring rolls, charbroiled pork and shrimp. When I read or hear “bean curd skin with shrimp paste” I think of shrimp paste wrapped in bean curd and deep fried. Apparently it was either completely omitted or it’s not actually in the dish, which was disappointing because it’s one of my absolute favourite things to have in my vermicelli. Other than that, the flavours were quite nice.

Service was pretty quick and the restaurant was fairly clean in comparison to Tamarind. I would definitely come back and give this place a 3.25/5.

Salad Rolls with Peanut Sauce
Charbroiled Pork and Spring Rolls Vermicelli
Mina’s Vermicelli Special

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  1. I love that peanut sauce they serve with the rolls.

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