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Creating a Character Sketch: Villian

Prompt: Create a Character Sketch

Name: Edmund Ashcroft

Nick names: Ed

Age: 25

Birthday: December 18, 2116

Height: 190 cm (~6’3″)

Weight: 82kg (~180lb)

Nationality: Trilonian  

Orphaned from a young age
Was in and out of orphanages (adopted then returned due to the fact he liked to get himself into mischief)
Discovered from a young age that he had the ability to time travel without the use of technology
Once believed in the good of humanity, but after an incident that resulted in the death of a close friend and the incompetency of the police force to convict their killer he turned against everyone

Wispy blonde hair
Purple-Grey eyes
Plain black t-shirts and black jeans, sometimes a leather coat if it’s cold out
A signet ring (only piece of jewelry, only reminder of his heritage)
Pale/Fair complexion
Suffers from inflated ego

Sleeping pattern:
Night owl, likes to be out when there are fewer people out

Avoidant -tries to keep interactions with others to a minimum, a bit of a loner and prefers to work alone but realizes the importance of connections and networking
Successful -owns a business that revolutionizes time travel (gives that ability to time travel to ordinary people)
Philanthropic -spends most of his fortune on orphans and making their lives better


Has a masters in Engineer and a Ph.D in architectural design

Residence/Dorm number/Address:

Tinkering with his hydropod (vehicle)

Status in a Relationship:
Single, but uninterested in pursuing a relationship


Types of Friends:
None, he has colleagues
Works well with others, but always distances himself

Favourite Colour:
Neutrals, nothing that would draw attention to him

People uncovering his history
Falling in love

Dreams and/or hopes for the future:
Give children (orphans) a better life than he experience in the system

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