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This Day in History: April 29

For Christmas last year I got a calendar for myself that detailed a historical event that happened on this day. Taking into consideration everything that has been happening for the last few months, I thought this calendar page really shows that some things never change.

On this day in 1992 (the year I was born, though I wasn’t born yet), the verdict in the Rodney King trial verdict was announced. “On this day, a jury of ten whites, one Hispanic, and one Filipina in the Los Angeles suburb of Simi Valley acquitted four police officers who had been charged with using excessive force in arresting black motorist Rodney King a year earlier. The announcement of the verdict, which enraged the black community, prompted widespread rioting throughout much of the sprawling city. Immediately after the verdict was announced that afternoon, protesters took to the streets, engaging in random acts of violence. At the corner of Florence and Normandie Streets, Reginald Denny, a white truck driver, was dragged from his truck and severely beaten by several angry rioters. A helicopter crew caught the incident on camera and broadcast [sic] it live on local television. It wasn’t until three days later that the arson and looting finally ended.”

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