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The Taste of Happiness

They always say
Never let your happiness depend on another
Do not let the environment determine your mood
That happiness is internal, that it originates from within you
That you alone control it

But clearly they’ve never met you
They don’t know what it’s like to be loved by you
To have you by their side
Through the roughest of times
And to be there to share in our greatest triumphs

Clearly they do not know
What it’s like
To live
In a world so interconnected
That each vibration
Along the web
Are felt by the heart strings
Thousands of miles away
Thousands of years later

All I know is that I love you
I love you more than the sun and stars
I love you more than you’ll ever know
I want to love you more
Give you more
But I’m still afraid
Haunted by a past that just won’t disappear

Just Another Poem About Love

Every once in a lifetime
We meet someone
Who’s heart sings a song incomplete
Waiting for ours to answer back

Every once in a lifetime
We hear a heartbeat
A song that we will never tire of

Your song was more than beautiful
But it was not my time to dance
And so I passed you by
Like nothing more than a summer breeze

But love
And time
Have a strange way of working
For what would have been right
Was then wrong

I may not have loved you then
But I love you now
And though those words have become empty lies
I’ll prove it to you
Time and time again
Through the things I will do

For the most beautiful things in life
Are the moments we share
And nothing
And no one
Will ever take those away from us

Crystalline Sunlight

It’s beautiful the way her face lights up when she talk about you
She’s like personified sunlight
Dancing on crystallized dew
She loves you for your heart
And cares for nothing more than afternoons spent in your warm embrace
I can see in her eyes
When she thinks of you
That you are not only her greatest pain
But her greatest pleasure.

There’s nothing she wouldn’t do
Nothing she wouldn’t give
To see you smile
To see you laugh
And she thinks she’s the luckiest girl in the world


Always Unrequited

You are now in a place I cannot reach
I keep hoping things will change
But I will never be an exception to your rule

Never in my life
Have a met a gentleman like you

Inside your heart
You hold so much good
Guided by your faith
Your soul seems to shine

You are all that is good in this world
You treat people with the patience and respect they deserve
You are my light
You are my hope
You are the reason I go on
The reason I have confidence in myself

They say never to depend on others
To be the source of your happiness
But I am a child of circumstance
Mutable like the weather

You are my sunshine
And you are my rain
You are the rainbow
That colours my world

We are all human
And we all make mistakes
You remember that
And you forgive me

You spend your life helping others
When really you should help yourself
Sometimes I see the loneliness in your eyes
Hear it in your voice
I want so badly to help you
To love you
And be the one to give you solace
At day’s end

But I know that I don’t belong
And never will
In the world into which you were born

I don’t ask for much
Because I understand
How important to you it is to find her

So all I ask is this:
To be your friend
The one you can talk to
When you are down

I want to be the one you call
When your heart is breaking down
When you feel the walls shattering
When the world is screaming
And you feel nothing at all

I want to be the one who is there to hold your hand
To tell you things will be alright
Because you are the one I love most
And I want to see you flourish

I understand and know
That you will never love me back
But I don’t need your love
Just the idea of you is enough
To light up my heart
To push me to aid

You deserve to be happy
Even at its cost to me

The Small Things

Prompt: Happiness/Hatred/Love/[fill in an emotion here] is….

Happiness is…
The smell of his cologne, freshly laundered
The restless nights tossing and turning
The panic attacks from…
                                       …hearing his name
                                       …seeing his car
                                       …seeing him
                                       …seeing a car of the same colour or model
The sweet taste of water after a long hot day
The comforts of an inviting bed after a long hard day
The laughter that resounds in the depths of your belly
Reverberates through your whole body
And rattles your soul
The taste of warm milk and cookies on Christmas Eve
The sound of rain…
                               …pattering against the windowpanes
                               …rushing down the darkened streets
                               …sipping tea with cream and sugar
                                   And a good detective novel

Happiness depends
And is independent of
The human
The environment
And your heart
It shapes
And is shaped by
The human
The environment
And your heart

Child of Circumstance

Prompt: Take a cliché, idiom or overused convention/concept and make it new or turn it on its head (reinterpret or argue against)

The most common advice I’ve received is that happiness starts with me or comes from within or whatever, but really, I don’t believe a word of it. Okay, not true. I partially believe it because yes, there are like seven billion people on this planet and I shouldn’t let one lousy piece of sh*t ruin my day, but sometimes that’s how it goes. In fact that exact thing happened today. And that situation showed perfectly how something so crappy can influence a person so differently. My first reaction was to cry, but because the guy was such an asshole, I doubt my tears would have had any sort of effect on him. My co-worker on the other hand was so angry she was physically shaking and couldn’t mentally do anything except for tell him off as nice as she could possibly do so even if he didn’t deserve it. Now worse things can happen and even then will you tell me I should just forget a personal attack as though I have no feelings. I am just not that kind of person. Yes, I will burn out because of how I react to situations and deal with them but I have always chosen to be the moth. To immolate myself on a flame because I would rather feel. To live. Rather than to hold it all inside to pretend I don’t care and just let it go.

But you would stick to your ideology right? You would choose to be happy. To ignore the negativity. But tell me this. If you beloved cat died, your leg put into a meat grinder and served to you and your sister cannibalized, would you still try to be happy? The point is, is that even if you choose happiness it’s not something that can be done forever. Gosh, that would be so exhausting. I just don’t believe that you wouldn’t feel negative emotions. I believe more so that you and I are shaped by the world around us and that we often mirror the world around us. We are a reflection and product of society and if you believe that, I’ve got you halfway. You or I may choose happiness, but that does not guarantee happiness. I have woken up on many an occasion and thought to myself, “Today I will let no one ruin it.” And it is those days that are always the worst. If I think to myself, this will be a sh*tty day and it turns out better than I expected, well then I have a good day. So thank you for your advice, but I won’t be taking it. Just let me wallow in my despair. I’m much happier then anyways.


“Before I met y…

“Before I met you I forgot what true happiness felt like. I never believed I was beautiful until your smile touched my lips.”
-Alcina Fong (moirasterling)-

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