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Prompt: haiku! (5-7-5 syllables)

A river flows in
Me.  My life force ebbs and flows
With the changed seasons



The Season of Life and Death


I sat lonely
I sat pretty
Overlooking that which once was
All my memories
All the vitality
And dead
Reflected in the stillness of the air

But there is beauty in death
As there is in life
Though death is shrouded
In fear
In apprehension
And in all that is unknown

But yet
So is life
And yet
It is so highly cherished

Science tells us:
There is nothing to fear
After all they are chemicals
Giving way to chemicals
Controlled by electrical impulses

And so nature turns from life
To be born again
To live from death
To be reborn

And here I sit
Day after day
Lonely and pretty
And watch the seasons turn

Prompt: Image (When Autumn Meets Winter)
Image Credits:
Title of piece: When Autumn Meets Winter
Artist: jkrab

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