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Warning: Mature content.  This is a work of pure fiction.  Any resemblance to real life is unintentional.  It is based on a fear I’ve always had.

They say she lost control of the car.  It wasn’t impossible.  The roads were covered with freshly fallen snow.  The wet, slushy kind.  They say she died instantly.  That she felt no pain.  That there was no time for her to register what had happened.  Just like that she was gone.

People say she had such a great life ahead of her.  That it was a shame that her talent was now forever lost.  No would could ever hold a candle to her.  Not now.  Not ever.  A prodigy.  A genius.  Only one of her in all of history.

But people didn’t know her.  Not really.  She was the type of girl who got whatever she wanted.  When she set her mind to it, it was hers.

And as hard as it was to believe, she had wanted this.


Her name was Eleanor.  His name was Kieran.  They were as in love as anyone could be.  Eleanor had found everything she ever wanted in a man.  While he had his moments, he was still the love of her life.

Then everything changed.  Kieran had been working as a mechanic for years.  He was sick of the work, sick of the people, just sick of it all.  So he quit.  It was the best decision he had ever made.  Or so he thought.  Eleanor worried that they would be financially screwed by his decision, but she had never seen him so happy.  So she told herself she would work twice as hard to support the both of them until he was able to find himself a new job, a job he loved.

Months passed by and things between them became more and more strained.  Her finances were beginning to suffer, but that didn’t make her love him less.  Rather, it made her love him more.  But she could see that it was taking a toll on him.  And as a result, he became more and more distant from her.  Cold.  Refusing to show her affection.  Sleeping elsewhere instead of next to her in bed and when he did come to bed, he didn’t touch her.  He didn’t want to engage with her.  He had nothing to say to her.  Not anymore.  In his eyes, he was not a man.  What man could not provide for his family?  He took his frustrations out on her.  The one person who loved him more than her own life.

Finally, he stumbled across a job working in security.  He had always wanted to go to the police academy or law enforcement, but he wasn’t exactly academic minded and didn’t feel like he was ready to compete against those who were more focused than he.  So he took this as a stepping stone into the career he wanted.

There he met some girls.  They worked at the place he was acting as security for.  One in particular caught his attention.  Her name was Madison.  She was petite and cute and knew her way around guys.  She had him twisted around her little finger and Eleanor could see it.  But Kieran couldn’t.  Kieran never believed for one moment that Madison had him in his sights, that she had intentions for him.  She did everything she could to seduce him and he fell for it all.  To Kieran, Eleanor was becoming more erratic, more emotional, and he had had enough.  But he strongly believed in being loyal to the one he was with and Eleanor had no intention of breaking it off with him.

One week, she went away to visit a friend abroad, unaware of the feelings that were growing inside Kieran.  Feelings that were no longer for her.  She received a message halfway through the week: We have to talk.  For the rest of the week, a cold fear gripped her heart.  What in the world could Kieran want to talk about?  He was the kind of guy who wouldn’t talk about serious matters over the phone or via text.  This had to be serious.

He picked her up from the airport as promised and they went for dinner.  They hadn’t gone out for dinner for a very long time.  It was his way of controlling her.  She was never the type to make a fuss in public.  She would have tried to control her emotions.  He knew that.

“Ellie…I know that things have been rough for the last few weeks…and I know we decided that we had to take a break from each other, but do you ever think that maybe we don’t belong together?” started Kieran.

“Kir, of course I have.  But regardless of what happens, I think we can work through it.  We’re a partnership, which means I have your back and you have mine.  Is there something going on that you want to tell me about?” Eleanor returned.

Kieran shook his head.   He wasn’t going to be the one who broke up with her.  If she wasn’t happy, he knew she would do it.

“Then I don’t know what the problem is.  I love you more than anything in the world.  I would do anything to make this work.  Do you think we don’t belong together?” asked Eleanor.

Kieran shook his head again, “Look, first and foremost, you are my friend.  We were friends before this and I hope that we’ll be friends after.  You mean a lot of me, Ellie, but I don’t know if a relationship is what’s right here.  We started in different places when this relationship began.”

Ellie nodded, “I understand…I…I’m not hungry anymore.  Can we go home?”

Kieran signaled for the waitress to bring a couple to go boxes and they headed home.


Eleanor sat at home alone thinking.  Kieran was out working the night shift for his security job.  She had never felt more alone.  She played with her phone while staring blankly at the stove clock opposite her at the kitchen bar when it sprang to life in her hands.

She didn’t recognize the number, but she decided to pick up anyways.

“Do you know where Kieran’s at?”

“Who is this?”

“Do you know who he’s with?”

“I demand you tell me who you are!”

“You’ll find him at 92 Citadel Crest Green NW,”

Before Eleanor could ask who it was again, the caller hung up.  She put down her phone with a sigh.  Was this all a joke?  Kieran was at work.  He had to be.  It was only 2 a.m.  But what if he wasn’t.

She paced back and forth, debating whether she ought to follow up at that address or not.  Eventually she grabbed her purse, jumped into her car, and drove to the address she had been told.  She sat in the car for a while before going up to the house.  Even in the car, she could see that all the lights were turned on and the house reverberating with loud music.  She rang the doorbell, waiting for a response, but with all that noise, it was unlikely anyone had heard.  She tried the door and found it to be unlocked.  She cautiously made her way into the house, seeing his shoes at the front door, she proceeded further, looking for him.  The main floor was empty, save for the blaring speakers and what appeared to be Kieran’s shirt.  Her favourite.  The plaid one.  She thought she heard giggling upstairs and followed it to a bedroom with the door opened ajar.  Quietly, she peaked in, glimpsing a group of girls in the room.  Kieran was among them, utterly naked, half conscious, and completely drunk out of his mind.  She gasped, quickly covering her mouth to silence herself.  She watched as a blonde kissed him, straddling him, gently raising and lowering herself on him, and he kissed her back with a passion Eleanor had thought was dead in him.  She stifled her tears, taking a deep breath she pushed the door open.  The other girls who were watching jump to their feet.

“Who the fuck are you?!” one exclaimed.

“You know you’re trespassing!” exclaimed another.

She pushed passed them all.

“Get off of him!” she said, throwing the blonde off of him.

“Who the fuck are you?” asked the blonde.

“His fiancee,” she said, pulling Kieran to his feet.

“Ellie?” asked Kieran, slurring. “What’s happening?”

“I think you’ve had enough to drink for one night.  Let’s get you dressed, go home, and we’ll talk about it in the morning,” she said.

“Okay,” he said obediently.

He allowed her to lead him around, doing whatever to him, just like he had been doing earlier.  The blonde brushed her hand against Kieran, extracting a moan from him.  Without thinking, Eleanor slapped her across the face.

“What’s your problem?  We were just having a little fun,” exclaimed the blonde.

“If you ever touch him like that again, you’re going to lose that hand.  If you ever put your mouth on him again like that, I’ll rip your tongue out.  And if I find you on top of him like that again, I’ll kill you,” Eleanor threatened her.

“Wow, I can’t imagine Kir ever wanting to marry a girl like you,” sneered the blonde.

Hearing another woman use his nickname felt like a slap in the face to Eleanor.  It took a minute for Eleanor to regain her senses.

“I swear to God-” Eleanor began.

“Ellie, Maddie, please don’t fight,” managed Kieran, “Maddie, you probably shouldn’t have done that.”

“That’s not what you were saying earlier…what was it you were saying?  Oh yes, fuck me like you mean it,” smiled Maddie.

Kieran returned her smiled, trailing off at the end, “Did I say that? Well…”

Eleanor didn’t wait for a response, she steered him out the door, back down to the main floor, picking up his shirt as she went, and helping him into the car.  She took a deep breath, calmed herself down just enough to be able to drive home.

When they got home, she cleaned him up and got him to bed.  He fell asleep quickly, but the same could not be said for her.  She tossed and turned, unable to get the images, the words out of her head.


Kieran woke with a splitting headache.  Eleanor was lying next to him; her eyes red from crying all night.

“Ellie?  What happened last night?” asked Kieran.

“You don’t remember?” she asked quietly.


“You were at work?”

“I-Ellie…I’m sorry…no, we had the day off…I should’ve told you…” said Kieran.

“Was it so I wouldn’t ask you anymore questions about that Madison girl?” asked Eleanor.


“You promised me nothing was going to happen!” exclaimed Eleanor, borderline hysterical.

“Well, I’m not sure what happened,” said Kieran.

“Exactly what I told you would happen.  You aren’t as loyal when you’re drunk as you thought you would be.  You said you’d never let it get that far, but with drink, your inhibitions are lowered.  You would do anything and everything you said you wouldn’t do sober.  They knew exactly what to do.  You let them take advantage of you.  You fucked Madison for God’s sake!” Eleanor cried, “I’m your fiancee!  Or does that mean nothing to you?”

Kieran’s jaw dropped, “Oh my God, Ellie.  I’m so sorry…I don’t even know what to say.”

“Why were you at her house?  Why did you continue to do the things that you knew made me uncomfortable?” asked Eleanor.

“I had to blow off some steam.  You were driving me nuts!” exclaimed Kieran.

“Then you should’ve talked to me instead of messing with girls behind my back,” said Eleanor quietly, “I think I should go home…”

“You are home,” said Kieran.

“No…my parents…” she said, climbing out of bed.


In the weeks that followed, Kieran broke off the engagement and Eleanor came by to return the ring and clear out her things.  It wasn’t long after their separation that Kieran began a relationship with Madison.  On the face of it, he told everyone that he had loved Eleanor to the very end, but due to irreconcilable differences, they had decided to part ways.  He told everyone he knew that Madison was more compatible with who he was, with the lifestyle he had always dreamed of.  He told Eleanor she had deserved better, but really he thought he was the one who did.

Weeks turned into months and Eleanor began to worry.  She had missed several periods and every morning she woke unable to eat after a night of being unable to sleep.  For the first little while she thought it was because of the stress that she wasn’t having her period and the eating and sleeping was due to heartbreak, but after several missed months, she decided to conduct a pregnancy test.  It came up positive.

She stared at it a while.  Kieran didn’t need this in his life.  The only person she ever cared about.  The one who was her whole world.  Gone.  She didn’t need to ruin his life further.  She still loved him despite everything.

And though she had told herself over and over that no man was worth dying for.  That she would get over him one day, she knew she never would.  Kieran had and always would have a part of her that no one else would ever have.

She wrote a letter, telling Kieran exactly how she felt.  She enclosed the pregnancy test and mailed it to him as she made arrangements for her other plan.  She arranged her affairs, leaving everything to Kieran.  Nobody knew.

She had always been fascinated by Death and she could feel his cold on her everyday.  Some days he came by and sat with her, talking to her, listening to her heartbreak.  Some days he would just hold her and tell her he loved her.  That he would protect her.  The days got colder.  Her fingers ice.  And when she would reach out, he was always there for her.

And when she left that day, she went out knowing she was never coming home.  She was going some place else.  Some place better.

A Lesson in Life

They all sat facing forward. A formless black mass. Their heads bowed in prayer as I made my way down the aisle. A few lifted their eyes to catch a glimpse, wondering who I was and how I dared to come so late. I took my seat at the front, next to a woman I presumed to be his wife. I set my little boy on my lap and faced forward. The woman, not much older than myself, looked over at me startled.

“Who are you?” she whispered.

“I think you know who I am,” I returned.

“These seats are reserved for family and close friends,” she hissed.

“Does the mother of his child count as such?” I returned.

She glowered at me, but said nothing. I knew her type. She wouldn’t make a scene here, but in the privacy of a sound proof room, she’d let me have it.

We endured the ceremony sitting next to one another. I watched as she rose to give her eulogy to him.

“…He was a great man who was loved by all. But most of all, he was a man who loved life and all it had to offer him…” she finished.

With that everyone rose and began filing out into the reception area. The mood had lightened. Now they were to celebrate his life. The man that he had been. I was probably going to get a talking to, but what did I care?

I rose, following the others into the reception area. She followed close behind.

“Where do you think you’re going?” she hissed.

“I have every right to celebrate the man he was-” I started.

“No,” she said cutting me off, “Not until I’ve had a word with you.”

“Why?” asked the little boy in my arms, “What has mama done?”

“Why don’t you go and play with the other…others while I talk to your mother?” she said with a forced smiled.

“Why did you bring a child to a funeral, are you insane?” she hissed.

“Stop being mean to my mama!” he said loudly, catching the attention of several guests.

“Shh, Adrian, it’s alright,” I said reassuringly.

He frowned, “But she’s being mean. You always said to stand up to bullies. She’s a bully!”

“I know baby, but let mama talk to her. Maybe she has something worthwhile to say,” I said.

“Damn straight I have something worthwhile to say. Get. The. FUCK. out,” she said enunciating each word.

“I thought I’d just come and meet you,” I shrugged, “I didn’t have to, but I thought it’d be the civil thing to do.”

“Well leave. You’ve outstayed your welcome,” she snarled.

I shrugged and walked in amongst the guests, losing myself in the crowd. He had touched so many people’s lives in his life time it was only right to have so many well wishers at his funeral.

I chatted with a few of the guests, all of them too polite to breach the subject of my relationship with him. From a distance I saw a young couple looking at us curiously. They seemed like interesting people and I approached them.

“Hello,” I said with a smiled, “My name is Brienne. This is Adrian. Thank you so much for coming today.”

“Hello, I’m Marcie and this is Luke,” introduced Marcie, “So how do you know Caleb?”

“We were high school sweethearts,” I answered, “Circumstances drew us apart…and then together again. But as luck would have it, he was already married.”

“So…Adrian is-” started Luke.

I nodded.

“Aren’t you a little young to have a child?” he asked.

I shrugged, “I suppose.”

“Do you mind me asking…when?” asked Marcie awkwardly, “I mean, Luke and I want…to have kids, but we’re kinda young too…”

I smiled, “I had Adrian when I was eighteen. That’s what initially drew us apart. But when Caleb discovered his wife was…how do I put this delicately, unable to provide what he wanted most in life, he came running straight back to me. You see, years ago, he just wanted to have fun. He wasn’t in it for a seriously relationship or committed to providing for a child.”

Marcie looked at Luke who nodded, taking her hand in his.

“Thank you Brienne…you’ve given us something to think about as we prepare for our life together. We’re so sorry for your loss,” murmured Luke.

I nodded drifting away again.

“A lot of people liked daddy didn’t they?” asked Adrian.

I nodded and said, “But you must know, daddy loved you most of all.”

Prompt: “Aren’t you a little young to have a child”

Death’s Mistress

Title: Appearances  Artist: Kurtzan  Link:

Title: Appearances
Artist: Kurtzan

I never felt like I belonged. Like everyone else around me, I looked as though I was the same. We all wore the same mask, voted for the same political party, went to work, came home to our families. But that’s all they were, masks covering their honeyed words on venomous tongues.

Life is about fear and “man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask and he will tell you the truth.” Tonight we were given that opportunity.


“Did you hear, there’s like a new millionaire who moved into town?” gossiped Olivia

“Millionaire? I heard he was like a billionaire,” returned Lily Anne.

“Whatever, same difference,” said Olivia, rolling her eyes.

“Yeah, ok, you’re right, he’s gonna totally be my husband,” laughed Lily Anne.

“Nuh-uh, he’s mine!” Olivia argued.

“What? You were invited too?!” asked Lily Anne.

“Of course!” returned Olivia.

“I’m pretty sure he invited the whole town,” said Logan passing by.

“Shut up!” exclaimed the girls hotly.

Logan chuckled and walked away.

“Is that true?” asked Lily Anne biting her lip, “Did he really invite the whole town?”

“I don’t know,” replied Olivia worriedly, “I mean our town is only 250 people, but that’s a lot of people to be in one house at one time. Like the only time that ever happens is at weddings.”

“He must be really rich then,” said Lily Anne.

“Yeah, I know what we can do! You know how we were saying we were like bored? Well we can go around and ask to see how many people are going to this and try to convince them not to go! That way we like increase our chances that we’ll be the one he marries!” suggested Olivia.

“OMG! That is like a totally great idea!” squealed Lily Anne.


“Is there a point to go to tonight’s party?” asked my mother quietly.

“Jeannie, we hardly ever get out anymore. It will be a good experience for Sophia,” said my father.

“That’s true…but I would much rather Sophia get her experience from being in the city rather than living her life entirely in a small town being a wife to a farmer or blacksmith. I want her to have aspirations beyond this town,” sighed Jeannie.

“I know, sweetie, but we have to let Sophia do what she wants. She’s 18 and her life is no longer in our hands,” said Nathan.

“Alright…I suppose that’s true,” relented Jeannie.

“Sophia, come here please, your mother and I would like to discuss something with you,” called Nathan.

“What is it dad?” I asked.

“Are you going to the party hosted by Dæmon Austen?” asked Jeannie.

“I was planning to,” I said, “Did you guys have other plans?”

“No,” said Nathan quickly, “Not at all, just wondering is all. Do you have everything you need for the party? Should we make a quick trip into the city to buy anything?”

“Well I have that dress grandma bought for me last year that I could wear. And I think I still have the mask that we bought in Venice three years ago, but I’m not sure that the mask and dress match…” I asnswered

“That dress grandma bought for you is a little…dated. I would prefer you bought something newer, nicer to match the mask, what colour was that again?” asked Jeannie.

“Blue,” I answered.

“That seems a bit juvenile,” commented Jeannie, “Let me lend you my black and gold mask.”

“What will you wear then mom?” I asked.

“I don’t plan on going,” said Jeannie plainly.

“But for a dress to match that…” I said trailing off.

“I’m sure we have enough to buy you one,” said Nathan firmly.

“Alright,” I said frowning.


It was the day of the masquerade ball. My mother had spent two hours helping me dress and another three and a half hours doing my hair and makeup before I could be considered presentable.

“How do I look?” I asked.

“Like a Victorian,” admitted Jeannie.

“Was that you intention?” I asked.

“That’s the only way you should look wearing a mask like that,” returned Jeannie, “Other girls tonight will dress…less than conservatively…he will not notice them.”

“How can you possibly know that mom?” I asked.

“I’ve been to my fair share of parties and girls never change. They will be conservative in one sense and only one and that is in the amount of clothes they wear,” said Jeannie, sounding almost bitter.

I snickered, “How can you possibly know that I want him to notice me?”

“Isn’t that why girls go to parties in the first place?” asked Jeannie frowning.

I blushed, “Well usually it is, but I don’t even know Dæmon yet, so I can’t say that I want him to notice me…I mean if I don’t like him, I don’t want the attention…”

Jeannie nodded, “That’s true. Either way, let’s make you presentable just in case.”

I laughed, “I wasn’t presentable before?”

Jeannie laughed, “Well…you need some work is all.”

“Fine, fine,” I said, “Is it almost time to go?”

“What’s the rush?” teased Nathan, “He’s just next door.”

I rolled my eyes, “I don’t like to be ‘fashionably late.’ You know I hate being late for anything”

 “Alright, done,” said Jeannie, putting the last gem into my hair.

“Thanks mum! I’ll be home by midnight!” I exclaimed heading for the door.

“Don’t come home that early!” urged Nathan, “Maybe 2?”

Jeannie punched him, “She can come home when she wants.”

I smiled, “I’ll try not be a klutz when I get home tonight.”

Nathan chuckled, “Don’t worry about it, your mom and I will probably be out late too. We’re going into the city for dinner and a show.”

“Alright, drive safely. Call me if anything happens,” I said waving goodbye.

I was early, as usual, but the whole town was curious about Dæmon Austen and had showed up hours early. When I arrived, people were already inside mingling with one another. The older ladies wore full ball gowns and all the gentlemen wore suits, but the girls my age wore dresses short enough to qualify as a shirt.

“Welcome, do you have your invitation?” asked the doorman.

I handed it to him, looking around to see if there was anyone I knew that I could hang out with for the evening.

“Miss Sophia?” asked the doorman.

“Yes, that’s correct,” I returned.

“And your parents?” inquired the doorman.

“Unfortunately they had other plans for this evening and are regrettably unable to attend,” I answered.

“That is quite unfortunate indeed. However, we are very happy that you are able to attend,” welcomed the doorman, “Please come in, a formal dinner will be served shortly.”

I headed in looking for someone I might know under the vertical and horizontal masks, but it was impossible. I suppose that was partially the point, but frankly I was a bit scared and overwhelmed by the number of people in attendance. It wasn’t that I didn’t know anyone. It was impossible to live in such a small town and not know everyone, but to have them all hidden behind masks was unnerving.

“Hi,” I said to a boy in a vertical skull mask.

He smiled at me, “Evening, how do you do?”

“I’m good, yourself?” I asked, while wondering who I was talking to.

“Well, thank you. I am Dæmon Austen, welcome to my home,” he smiled.

“Mr. Austen, what a pleasure,” I said returning his smile and reaching out to shake his hand.

He grasped it firmly, “Miss Sophia is it?”

“Yes,” I said, trying to keep my voice even.

How did he know my name?

“It’s unfortunate that your parents could not attend. However, I believe we are neighbours and a dinner can be arranged,” commented Dæmon.

“Yes, that is so,” I nodded.

“I hope you are enjoying yourself. Dinner is about to be served, please head into the dining room and have a seat anywhere you’d like,” said Dæmon indicating to a door opposite us.

“Thank you, I hope we will have an opportunity to talk more later,” I said heading in that direction.

“As do I,” said Dæmon heading off in the opposite direction.

I entered the dining room to find it empty. I found that surprising as Dæmon stated that dinner would be starting soon. I made my way to one end of the table and took a seat. I contemplated removing my mask. It wouldn’t hinder my ability to eat; it just wasn’t the most comfortable thing to wear while eating though. I pondered it until the dining room filled up.

“Ladies and gentleman, a slight request,” started Dæmon, taking his place at the head of the table, “If you’d be so kind to remove your masks for dinner, it would be much appreciated.”

At the same time a hundred masks clattered against the dining room table. Dæmon smiled and took his seat.  Dinner came out on a million silver platters and everyone was too preoccupied with dinner to notice he didn’t remove his mask. Dæmon shot me a look out of the corner of his eye and slipped me a note under the table.

I’d like to see you after dinner if it’s not too improper.

I looked at him inquisitively, trying to read him.

“Hey Sophia!” exclaimed Lily Anne next to me, taking my attention away from Dæmon.

I gave him one last lingering look and turned to Lily Anne.

“Hi, how are you?” I returned, giving her a fake smile.

Lily Anne and her friend Olivia were the town gossips. Everyone knew that they had no skills other than manipulation. They were very well suited for the media. All they needed was to open their mouth and have an outlet to publish it on. They didn’t need evidence. Sure, one could sue for libel or inaccuracy, but that didn’t matter, they would just apologize and do it again.

“I didn’t expect you to come,” sneered Lily Anne, “You always act like you’re above parties. Like you never come to ours.”

“Not attending the parties you and Olivia throw is not an accurate determinant of whether or not I show up to this one,” I returned.

“What?” asked Olivia and Lily Anne genuinely confused.

“What does that mean?” Olivia whispered to Lily Anne.

“I don’t know,” returned Lily Anne frowning, “But obviously it was an insult, so we gotta defend ourselves. I mean our future husband hear that we gotta make him think we can fight for ourselves against that stupid bookworm.”

“For your information our parties are totally awesome!” exclaimed Olivia hotly.

“Uh…” I said unsure how to respond, “Ok…”

“Nice job!” exclaimed Lily Anne under her breath, “You made her speechless, that’s like a good thing right?”

“Yeah, totally,” agreed Olivia.

I turned to someone else and started a conversation with them instead. I had no idea what to say to the two of them anymore. It was clear they were to dim-witted to appropriately respond or insult me back.

Dinner lasted for about three hours and afterwards the guests returned to the ballroom to dance and continue mingling. No one noticed that Dæmon or myself did not return.

“Miss Sophia, though we have not spoken much, I feel as though you and I could get along very well. I hope that we can be friends and get to know each other better,” began Dæmon.

“This is an odd way to express it,” I said.

“How do most people do it?” asked Dæmon innocently.

“They don’t ask to be friends, they just hang out with one another until a relationship develops,” I explained.

“Really?” frowned Dæmon.

I nodded, “Is this how you’ve made friends your whole life?”

“I’ve never had any friends,” admitted Dæmon.

“Well this may come across as rude, but I don’t mean it to be. I’m not surprised. If you’ve been trying to make friends in this way, no one would automatically gravitate towards being friends with you,” I said.

Dæmon laughed, “No one’s ever had the nerve to tell me otherwise, so thank you. I hope that I will be able to make friends in the future based on your advice.”

I smiled, “I’m sorry, I would stay longer, but it’s getting late and I ought to be home.”

“We’ve barely talked, will you come tomorrow for dinner with your parents? I would very much like to meet them,” said Dæmon.

“I will talk to them. Shall I call you with my answer?” I asked.

“No need. We are neighbours after all. You may leave a message with my doorman,” said Dæmon, “It was good to meet you Miss Sophia. Good night.”


Many years had passed since I had met Dæmon. From the time of our awkward confrontation until now, he had made many friends. He always had had the manners and suave to sweet talk people, but with a less direct approach he was able to maintain his friendships.

He must have been raised under different circumstances than everyone else because it was a shock for him to be asked out by girls. But the girls in our town went a step further than that. Girls like Olivia and Lily Anne had no problem proposing to him and did so on every available occasion.

Like the gentleman he was, he always politely refused.

“Soph,” called Dæmon as I was heading out one day.

“What is it?” I returned, stopping before my car.

“Are you busy tonight?” he called.

“No, did you have something in mind?” I asked.

“Dinner?” he called back.

“Sure,” I shrugged, “What time?”

“The usual,” was his reply.

“Your place or mine?” I asked.

“Neither, can you be home a half hour before?” he said.

“Sure, we’re going out? What’s the occasion?” I asked.

“You’ll see,”


It was the first time we had had dinner together alone. Usually it was with my parents or one of his relatives, but today, it was just the two of us.

“Soph, I know you’ve never considered me as marriage material,” started Dæmon.

“Says who?” I interrupted.

“I—um, I just assumed since we never formally declared our relationship past friends,” said Dæmon embarrassed.

“Do you remember what I told you when we first met?” I demanded.

Dæmon laughed, “Of course, we don’t need to declare…oh…I see what you’re saying.”

“I’ve always considered you more than a friend,” I said tenderly.

“As have I,” returned Dæmon, “So I hope that this proposal does not come as a shock.”

“Can I pretend to be shocked?” I teased.

“There’s no reason you can’t be,” smiled Dæmon, opening up a ring box.

Nestled in the plush red velvet was a platinum ring set with a solitary black diamond.

 I smirked, “I should have expected something as unconventional as this from you.”

“Do you dislike it?” asked Dæmon, a hint of concern crept into his voice.

I pretended to think, making him suffer a while longer.

“Soph, you’re killing me,” said Dæmon, bordering on whiny.

“Dæmon, I though you said you were in another relationship,” I said, remembering a girl he had brought to dinner once.

“Well…I am…sorta,” admitted Dæmon, “But it’s complicated.”

“I have all night,” I said, getting comfortable.

“I’m sure you’ve heard all these stories about how so and so met Death on the road and stuff,” started Dæmon.

“Oh brother,” I sighed.

“No, Soph, listen. They’re true. It was all me,” said Dæmon in a hushed whisper.

“What?!” I exclaimed, nearly knocking over my water.

“Shh, not so loud,” said Dæmon looking around to make sure no one had heard my outburst.

“How can you be Death? Wouldn’t I be dead by now?” I whispered back.

“I don’t kill everything I touched,” retorted Dæmon.

“Sorry, I just assumed…” I said embarrassed.

“I want to marry you Soph,” said Dæmon

“How many others have you said that to?” I asked, a hint of jealousy beginning to dominate.

“About six,” admitted Dæmon.

“Did they all say yes?” I asked astonished.

“Yes,” said Dæmon.

“Am I just going to be another wife in your collection?” I said, almost accusingly.

“You are not going to be just another part of my collection and neither are they. You’ve met them, you’ve seen their devotion,” said Dæmon almost begging me.

“I’ve…met them?” I asked surprised yet again.

“My ‘sisters’ and ‘cousins,’” nodded Dæmon.

“How was I so dumb not to notice?” I groaned.

“I kept a very good blindfold on you,” said Dæmon.

“Dæmon…I…need some time to think about this. I grew up in a world that doesn’t condone polygamy…I don’t know if I can accept this living arrangement, I don’t know if I can share,” I said finally.

“Soph, I’m asking you tonight because tomorrow you die. I can see your lifespan. Tonight is your last night,” said Dæmon.

“What?! How?!” I blurted out.

Dæmon shrugged, “Do you want to wait and find out? Could be painful.”

I winced, he knew how pain affected me.

“You could spend the rest of forever with me, not to be clichéd or anything,” said Dæmon.

“What have my parents said to this?” I asked, “Have you asked them?”

Dæmon nodded, “Of course. They provided their blessing and consent on the condition that you consented.”

I nodded, “I…love you. There’s no question about that. But sharing you? I don’t know still.”

“Come with me, let me introduce you to my wives. You’ll like them. They’re not so different from you,” said Dæmon taking my hand and leading me from the restaurant.


I was never one for showy, but it was my wedding day and Dæmon spared no expense. The entire town and then some were invited. And of course his six wives. He had been right; I bonded with them immediately. It didn’t seem odd to share, at least not with them.

I got to relish the annoyance of Olivia and Lily Anne, but it didn’t matter anymore. I was dead. I had been dead for over three weeks. I was just a living corpse barely animated by electrical impulses and chemical reactions to go through a ceremony for the sake of my parents. Dæmon had told my parents we would be moving to the big city soon after, so my parents wanted to have a wedding as a sort of goodbye party as well.

“Congratulations,” said Olivia without any sincerity.

“I’m surprised you came,” I returned snarkily.

“Wouldn’t miss the chance to object,” sneered Olivia.

“Too bad you can’t,” I laughed walking away to join Dæmon’s other wives.

“Sophia, you look gorgeous,” said Abigail, his first wife.

I gave her a small smile, “All of you look gorgeous all the time.”

“It comes with time,” reassured Charlotte, his most recent wife.

“I hope so,” I laughed nervously.


A year had passed and not much had changed. I had learned to live peacefully with Dæmon’s other wives and kids. He was right; it wasn’t any different than being married to one man. Dæmon was always fair, splitting his time between each of us and made the most of our time together. I never thought I could be happy, but I was. He was just as affectionate to me as he was to Abigail and Charlotte, Violetta and Arianna, and Michaela and Elizabeth.

“Beth, Abby, do you mind staying with Sophia? She’s gone into labour and I’ve got to get everything ready for when she does give birth. Just calm her down, she’s not good with pain and there’s a lot of pain coming,” called Dæmon running by.

Both women nodded and flew up to my room.

“Sophia, you have to relax. This is no like anything you’ve ever experienced. The child is not human and possesses superhuman strength. You need to relax otherwise you’ll be in more pain than you need to be,” said Abigail kneeling at my side.

“I’m trying,” I said, trying to regulate my breathing.

“I know it’s hard,” reassured Elizabeth, “Just follow my lead. I’ll set out a beat for you follow. I found that it helps when you’re panicking.”

I nodded and tried to follow her lead, but when the contractions began I completely forgot myself and everything Elizabeth had told me.

“Sophia! Calm down!” said Abigail firmly.

“Mmm,” I said hyperventilating.

“How is she doing?” asked Charlotte, peeking in.

“Not good, get Dæmon,” ordered Abigail.

Charlotte nodded and dashed off to find him.

“Charlotte?” asked Dæmon looking up confused.

“Sophia’s already panicking and they’re just contractions…nothing’s actually happening yet,” explained Charlotte.

“Get the others, I’ll be there as soon as preparations are complete,” ordered Dæmon.

Charlotte nodded and ran out grabbing the other women before returning to my room.

“How is she?” asked Charlotte sinking down next to me.

“Not good, her heart rate is unbelievably high,” said Elizabeth.

“Will she make it?” asked Violetta.

Abigail shook her head, “It’s hard to tell right now. Only Dæmon knows. Where is he?”

“He’s finishing up with the preparations. He said he’ll be here once he’s finished,” repeated Charlotte.

“What’s going on?” asked Dæmon flying into the room.

“Sophia doesn’t look like she’ll last,” said Abigail dryly.

Charlotte, Abigail and Elizabeth moved to make room for Dæmon who sank down next to me.

“Soph, you need to calm down…I’m here, everything’s going to be okay,” said Dæmon quietly.

“Dæmon?” I whispered.

He grasped my hand firmly, “Breathe.”

He squeezed my hand creating a beat like Elizabeth had done for me earlier. I concentrated on it trying to regulate my breathing again. It turned out that Dæmon squeezed harder and caused more pain than the contractions and in that way it helped me through it.

“Well done,” smiled Dæmon, picking up the child.

“A boy,” whispered his wives in hushed tones.

I smiled weakly and collapsed on the bed.

The Season of Life and Death


I sat lonely
I sat pretty
Overlooking that which once was
All my memories
All the vitality
And dead
Reflected in the stillness of the air

But there is beauty in death
As there is in life
Though death is shrouded
In fear
In apprehension
And in all that is unknown

But yet
So is life
And yet
It is so highly cherished

Science tells us:
There is nothing to fear
After all they are chemicals
Giving way to chemicals
Controlled by electrical impulses

And so nature turns from life
To be born again
To live from death
To be reborn

And here I sit
Day after day
Lonely and pretty
And watch the seasons turn

Prompt: Image (When Autumn Meets Winter)
Image Credits:
Title of piece: When Autumn Meets Winter
Artist: jkrab

Requiem of Sorrow

Yesterday I was the colour of the sky
Today I am the colour of volcanic ash
A heavy cloud hangs over me
I feel like I`m in Pompeii
With the burning snow
Falling on me
Burying me
So that I have no time to escape
To scream
Or to cry
Only to cling to the one I love as everything fades away

Maybe the world knew
What my heart was going through
And in it reflected the turmoil I felt

Today I learned of a tragedy dire 
Of friends of family
Lost in a senseless act

Nothing will bring them back
And no reason shall be given
For they deserve their privacy
Not to be poked and prodded for the curiosity of the masses

When they are ready
The world will know
The truth will come out
And justice will prevail
That is my hope
As an aspiring lawyer
Even though I know that it may not be true

But for now, 
Have respect
And the families rest

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