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Fragile Teacup

Even though on my own
I could rule the world
And run it with an iron fist
I still love it when a man like you
Is willing to come to my rescue
And sweep me off my feet
Making me believe in the beauty of my dreams

There has never been a day
Where I don’t think
What it’d be like
If I pretended to be
A damsel in distress

Would that win you to my side?
Or push you all away?

More complicated than that

You ask me what I want
But what kind of answer do you expect?
Do you expect me to say?
I want it black or white?
Do you expect me to want
Something answered by yes or no

I am not one dimensional
I am not a line
Even three dimensions
Isn’t who I am
I am more complicated than that

I feel a depth of emotion
That fluctuates with time
I feel a pain
Dull, but resonant
Across the ages

But who doesn’t want to be loved
To be held
When nothing goes their way

What will it take to make you understand?
I am a paradox that refuses to change
I thought you knew that
I thought you knew better
Than to change who I am

But I have to thank you
For you bring the best writing out of me
Happiness has never warranted poetry
Except for when happiness writes me a sonnet
But you are worthy of a sonnet
But unlike the men before you
You inspire me to be more than I could ever be
All that comes from the pain and pleasure of associating with you
Crystallizes upon a page
And shares with you
And a hundred others
The disappointment of association, expectation, and love

I’m tired of fighting
Why can’t I just be me?
Take it or leave
I will always be me

Giving in to Patriarchy’s Power

She was more herself
Hidden behind a screen
She was more herself
With the flourish of a pen
She was more herself
Strong and independent

To the untrained eye
She was meek
An introvert
A giggly school girl
A foolish rake

Without her pen
Without the power of anonymity
Her strength fades to submission
She would do anything
Just for his love 


I feel like I may be the only one
Who feels what I feel
Though I know I am not
I feel the need to fit in
Yet don’t bother to conform
I feel the weight of my obligations
But act like I’m free

I am a mass of contradictions
A beautiful paradox
I feel like I’m unique
But like everyone else, the same

One minute I’m in love
With the flowers and the trees
With the sun and the breeze
With you and with me
And with the whole wide world
The next I’m imbued with deadly hate

I’m caring inside
I really am
Sometimes I’m shy
And can’t show you well

I have a million curiosities
Growing inside of me
But for fear of being rude
Keep quiet
And in turn am rude
For keeping quiet

So to those out there
I’ve offended with my shyness
Please forgive me
I have loved you the most

You are my sunshine
And you are my rain
I will never stop loving you
Until the day I start hating you

Prompt: writing – write a song or poem about yourself
music – compose a short song that describes you
drawing – draw a timeline of yourself/a before and after during a major change in your life or draw yourself then and now (10 year gap or something)

I love you irregardless

You are my sunshine and rain.

Prompt:  describe the person you love the most in six words

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