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Restaurant Review: Cazba

Location: 1103 Davie St, Vancouver, BC

*Note: Website is currently incomplete, there is little if any information on it*

This restaurant was a recommendation from my sister’s coworker because of it’s huge portion sizes. This was my first time having Persian food.

Ironically, it was just a block away from where we stayed. It was pretty quiet for a Friday night. We were promptly seated and presented with menus. The waitress wasted no time in coming to get our drink orders, though there was a mix up as to who was to be serving which table. Shortly after our drinks were brought, we put in our orders. My sister had the Barg, my dad ordered the Soltani, and I ordered the Koobideh Wrap. My mom originally wanted the salmon, but apparently they were out, so she switched to the wrap, like me. The Barg was a skewer of AAA Alberta Beef Steak served with Saffron Basmati Rice and a Grilled Tomato, the Soltani included a skewer of AAA Alberta Beef Steak and a skewer of ground AAA Alberta Beef with Saffron Basmati Rice and a Grilled Tomato, and the Koobideh Wrap was a wrap made from a skewer of ground AAA Alberta Beef and Garden Salad. My sister and father opted to have half salad (Greek) half rice instead of it being all rice. Originally, the waitress asked that of my mom and myself, but it turns out that she mixed up our order and with the wrap there is no such option (she reminded us several times she was new and apologized for the mix up, which was fine the first time she apologized, but after the fourth time it started getting redundant and annoying). I liked that they removed the meat from the skewers because that made it much easier to eat. The most unexpected thing for me was how flavourful and delicious the rice was. I had expected it to be unseasoned, plain rice with  a bit of saffron on top, but it wasn’t and I found myself unable to stop eating it. The only downside to the rice was that it was very oily and left my plate looking very shiny when I was done with it.

Overall the food was really good. For how much there was in the wrap at the price we paid for it, I’d say it was a really good deal (it was only $5 for the wrap, we all thought that was a typo, it wasn’t). I would certainly come back here again and it’s great for a casual lunch or dinner with friends and/or family. I would rate this place a 3.75/5.

val's dish



Koobideh Wrap

dad's dish (ground beef and steak)


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