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Location: 6408 Bay Street West Vancouver, B.C

Having been sick for nearly the whole week, this was the first time I was actually eating something that wasn’t soup. This was an early birthday “celebration” with Julia and I met up with her, we heading out to Horseshoe Bay for the first leg of our adventure. A stroll around the quaint little area was enough to work up an appetite.

Between Troll’s and Olive and Anchor, we ultimately decided on Troll’s because as Julia put it, it was older and “had more character.”

To my annoyance, it took more than a little while for the hostess to notice us and even longer to get us seated. I was disappointed before I even had the chance to taste the food. We had already perused the menu before deciding on this restaurant, but that didn’t mean that we knew what we wanted to have. I still wasn’t feeling 100% so I decided to go with some lighter fare, but as this was BC, it would be a shame not to have something with seafood in it. I debated getting the Soft Shell Fish Wrap for a while, but ultimately decided on the Ocean Clubhouse since Julia decided on the Soft Shell Fish Wrap for herself.

The dishes came in a timely manner and we dug in. I appreciated that they put the salad dressing on the side, allowing me to control how much dressing I wanted and ensuring that the salad would not be overdressed. It’s been a while since I’ve ordered a clubhouse and completely forgot that they have three piece of bread, way too many carbs for me, even though I love carbs. I also learned how much I dislike crab/shrimp salad because it’s just mayonnaise and seafood (usually when we make it at home we add lemon/lemon zest, onions, celery, pepper, and salt). To be honest, I enjoyed the bacon, lettuce and tomato more than I enjoyed the seafood. And the fish wrap was equally disappointing. The fish wasn’t seasoned leaving one wanting for more (of something with flavour).

I unfortunately cannot attest to whether the waitress came to check in on us at all as I was on the phone for a portion of the meal. However, when she brought the bill and realized we needed separate ones, she wasn’t all that good natured about it; saying “Oh you need them separate” in a really rude tone.

The tagline on their website is “Amazing Food. Amazing Service. Amazing View.” Unfortunately I’d have to disagree with all three sentiments. The food was mediocre at best. The service was lacking. And the view, honestly could have been better (but of course then that would be reflected in the price and would have been closer to the price of something like The Boathouse, which was right on the pier).

I was very unimpressed by this place and will not be returning. Next time I’m in Horseshoe Bay, I’d like to give Olive and Anchor a try.

Based on my experience here, I’d give it a 1.5/5.


                                Back: Soft Shell Fish Wrap with Yam Fries                                                              Foreground: Ocean Clubhouse with Half Fries, Half Salad

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