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Of the Small Things

Prompt: How did you end up with that much?

She looked over at him.  Just a glance at first, but something made her do a double take.
“Wait a minute!”
He looked up, his mouth full of ramen noodles.
“How did you end up with that much?!”
“Of what?” he said, continuing to shove noodles in his mouth.
“That,” she said pointed to the noodles.
He looked at his bowl and then at hers and back at his and shrugged.  Her pouted and started inching closer to his bowl with her chopsticks.  A smiled tugged at the edges of him lips as he tried to conceal what he was about to do next.  Slowly, he began to inch his bowl away from her.
“Stop it!”
“Stop what?”
“Moving away from me!”
“I’m not!”
“You so are!”
With a swift motion, she drove her chopsticks into his bowl.  With his, he clamped down on hers, effectively preventing any movement.
She let out the most irritating whining screech that annoyed the hell out of everyone except for him; he found it endearing.  He laughed as she pouted again.
“Oh, come on babe.  I’m kidding, you can absolutely have some.”
“YAY!” she squealed at a pitch that was only audible to dogs.
He smiled again wrapping his arm around her waist.
And he thought he was the luckiest guy in the world.

Restaurant Review: Frogurt

Location: 109b Kensington Rd NW

You’ve seen the ordinary flavours: chocolate, vanilla and strawberry, but Frogurt is not your average frozen yogurt joint. They have a range of flavours that change on occasion ranging from the everyday to the exotic. There are flavours like cookies and cream and carrot cake, taro and coconut, passion fruit and raspberry sorbet or some combination of all of them. There is also the choice to have certain flavours swirled together.

Today I got a small portion of coconut frozen yogurt with unsweetened coconut and a variety of fruits (strawberries, maraschino cherries, peaches). In my experience, I’ve learned that pairing frozen yogurt with gummy candies and chocolate have never been a good idea and it cost me a $15 frozen yogurt and an aching tummy to learn that. Though I got quite a variety of fruits, I still feel that I didn’t add enough. I find that the freshness of the fruit always complements the frozen yogurt leaving me feeling light but full whereas the chocolate and gummy candies become hard and sometimes inedible due to the temperature of the yogurt and either break my teeth or leave me feeling bloated.

The frozen yogurt parlour was decorated in cheerful and uplifting colours that really drew me in. It also really helps that I like to laugh at the corny “Fro”ified sayings they’ve decorated some of the wall with. Some of my frovourites would have to be fromiscuous, froddict, have a fromance, stay frocussed, but the best one has got to be wherefore art thou fromeo? What I love most about frogurt is that it is a blend of the words “frozen” and “yogurt” and no one loves blending words together more than me. However, that’s not even the best thing about this place. This place (at least the Kensington location, I’m not sure about he McKnight location) has a wall for suggestions for future yogurt flavours and future toppings. Though they have a wide selection of toppings and flavours that are constantly changing, having a suggestion wall is a great marketing technique. What’s also cool and brings this place into the 21st century is it’s photobooth and connectedness to social media. Yeah, lots of restaurants have websites or facebook pages, but so far I haven’t seen anything as interactive as Frogurt. It is innovative and refreshing.

Unfortunately I have not refined the skill of swirling frozen yogurt or decorating them, but when I do, I will add pictures.

I would rate Frogurt a 4.5/5 for it’s fun and inviting atmosphere. It is a great place to take friends or family and it can be guaranteed that they will find something they like from the wide variety of toppings and flavours. The price isn’t so bad, only $0.58/oz. So stop by if you’re in the neighbourhood and give Frogurt a try.

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