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Forever Yours, Forever Waiting

At 5 am
When the world is caught between
And sleeping
Life and death
I lie alone
Thinking of what could be

Never in my life have I felt more intensely
As when I have been in love
Between love
I have forgotten what it is to feel
But with you…
Something feels right

I know you’ve been hurt
By memories of the past
Mixed up in twisted situations of the present
Because of your kind hearted nature
It was that and not your beauty that first drew me in
For your heart sang a song
That only I could hear
That only I knew completed mine

But always know
That despite my pain
Buried in my solitude
I will always be here
Always waiting
To hold your hand
And gather the shattered remnants of your heart
For that one day which may never come
That day in which I confess
All that you’ve meant to me

I will help you to rewrite those memories
That have broken your heart
But in the end
I’ll remain in my solitude
To suffer in silence
If in doing so
You find true happiness

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