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Let poetry flow through your veins once more
It is the root of all that lies within your mind
Free it and it will thank you

Unleash the passion you have always known within your heart
Embrace the unknown
And explode with the power the words have given you

What cannot be capture in prose
Will always come naturally in poetry

Poetry flows and ebbs
Like the current of life

I will always live to breathe poetry
For I know it is the song my heart longs to sing
And what better way than this


“In writing, I forget, for a brief moment, how lonely I am.” -MoiraSterling (Alcina Fong)


“Love and Hate are my greatest inspiration.” -MoiraSterling (Alcina Fong)


Too long have I lain
Locked in my ivory tower
Too long have I held back
The talents that made my name

I am a writer
By any other name
I would remain as sweet

My idols remain unknown
My craft, unappreciated
Only when I am need
Does my name rise to the occasion

I do not exist solely for your pleasure
I think
I feel
I love
As you do

So why do you treat me as lesser?
Does being a scientist make you better?

Consider a world without music
Without art
Without theatre
Would that be a life worth living?

I won’t let your judgementality hold me back any further
I will paint this world with my brush
I will watch you crumble under the weight of my words
With the same pleasure
You felt as you watched me suffer

Forced Composition

There was once a time
I found passion and beauty
In the empty spaces between my words

There was time
I found you so beautiful
I wanted to turn you into a poem
And enduring
To be admired

It seems so long ago
That the naturalness of language
Came to me

Now the words
And ebb
From my mind

But the strength to persevere
Comes from training
Comes from pushing
Comes from making your own inspiration
Strength is not a word found on the lips of strangers

Strength and creativity are what you will
And they must come from within
To be true

Stuck once more

Some nights I sit
Some nights I lay
Waiting for inspiration to come my way
But creativity cannot be contained
It cannot be demanded
It must be felt

But how does one express
The song of your heart
The fire within your soul
When the passion within has been smoldered

I look back on the works I’ve created
The emotions I’ve felt
And wonder
If I should ever feel them again

My writing
Like me
It comes
And goes
With a flourish

A Writer’s Life for Me

I’m not just a writer
I’ve lived a thousand lives in one breath
I’ve been a lawyer
A doctor
A mother
A father
I’ve journeyed to Egypt
Through China
To Italy
Through France

I’m not just a poet
I am a lover
Who’s lost his soul mate
A lover
Who’s heart has been broken for the first time
For the hundredth time
Feeling everything
And nothing
All at once

And all you’ve done is gotten out of bed

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