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Each day I’m one step closer to my dream
Each day I’m one step farther away from sanity
Exhaustion and self-loathing fill my days
I just dream of a day when life will be better
I dream of a day when I’m standing at the top of the world
Smiling and dancing
As though this process hasn’t killed a part of me
To give up who I am
To become better than who I am
Leaves me sometimes to forget
All the good I already have

It’s important to strive
To dream of better things
But never to forget
Everything that got you there.
Never forget who helped you up
When you couldn’t wait to die

Why can I never be satisfied in the materialistic self-centred world?
What has trained me so?
To become this abhorrent self-absorbed, self-serving beast?
The gentleness of my heart will never penetrate
The inapproachability that I’ve built up
Will no one break down these walls
And show me what’s really worth living for?

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