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My Dream Wedding

First of all, I’m torn. Torn between having the wedding of the century, the most extravagant and memorable wedding ever and simply signing the marriage licence before a marriage commissioner and two witnesses and calling it a day. But this conflict does not come as a surprise to me. As I’ve shown through my poetry and other posts, I am a mass of contractions, each day a battle between the logical and the creative. The logical side of me tells me to save my money. To spend it on what matters, a house, a car, my family. The creative side tells me to live my dreams. To perform for the world, the role I’ve always imagined myself in.

My dream wedding is not a wedding. Not one single idea, but two separate and incompatible ideas. My first idea is more traditional in its conventions. The colours I want are cream, silver, and pastel purple. Pastel colours have always suited me and purple my favourite among them. The bodice of my dress would be made of lace. As beautiful as a strapless dress would be, I have always found them to be rather uncomfortable and thus the dress would have to extend over my shoulders. I haven’t decided whether I’d like the sheer lace should extend up to my neck or whether it should stop where a strapless dress would and have sheer material for the rest of the way up. From the waist down I’d like a skirt made of flowing, light material that moves smoothly as I walk. My bridesmaids would be dressed in pastel purple with deep purple and/or silver accents. The venue would have purple “curtains” of gossamer hanging across the ceiling like waves, coming down and giving the effect that we’re kind of in a tent (maybe that’s not the best way to describe what I’m seeing in my head, but I’m doing my best!). The cake would be three tiers, circular with a cascade of pastel purple flowers (most likely roses) that wind around the cake with darker purple butterflies and silver accents. With this wedding type I’d have to go with a traditional Western style wedding and reception.

The second wedding plays a little more to a different, nerdier side of me. Maybe it has to do with the guy I’m currently into, but I still think it’d be a cool idea: a cross between Batman and Disney. I feel like this would be such an epic and fun wedding reception to go to. My dress would be a Cinderella dress or Cinderella wedding dress (designed by Alfred Angelo, see picture below), fitting, as Cinderella was my favourite Disney Princess growing up. The groom would dress in his usual way, but concealed beneath his suit is a Batman suit. It would proceed as a normal reception is expected to, but then a villian (probably the Joker) bursts in and tries to kidnap me, knocking the groom aside. The groom “disappears” and returns in full costume and an epic fight scene ensues. Of course he wins and the “police” show up to arrest the Joker and the wedding resumes as it should. I know how cheesy it sounds, but it would be a day I’d never forget. The wedding cake would be a compromise of course. The topper would be Batman and Cinderella, not sure if I’d just want them facing one another or if I’d want her to be in his arms at this point. Half the cake would be black and yellow with the Batman logo and the other white with blue and silver flowers and butterflies. I don’t want it to be a clear division like the example picture below, but I want it to look as though when you “chip” away the exterior, you reveal the Batman part of the cake below so there is a cross over. The flowers and butterflies would wind around the cake just like in my first wedding idea. This is to show the union between both parties and that despite the fact that I’m a princess, there’s still this nerdy side to me.

I’m sure regardless of what I go with, my parents will want me to host a traditional Chinese style wedding. That would happen in the morning and involves the groom trying to bribe his way into the house, trials the groom will have to successfully complete to win my hand in marriage, and of course the tea ceremony.

Thinking about this future makes me truly happy, but I know that deep inside, it doesn’t matter what ends up happening. If I have the chance to marry my best friend, if I have the opportunity to spend the rest of my life with my muse, no matter what kind of wedding we have I know that we will love each other forever and that is all that matters. And that is true happiness.

Cinderella Wedding Gown

Cinderella Wedding Gown

Batman-Disney Wedding Cake

Batman-Disney Wedding Cake

The Impossible Goodbye

Why does my heart keep yearning for you
When my head tells me I have no chance?
Why does my heart ache so much for someone I have tried to forget?
You and I can never be
And we never will be
So why then does my heart keep hoping?

My heart may not have the logic of my brain
But it knows well the pain of heart break
My head has told me to stop hoping
Because it knows we will never be

But the more I try to let you go
The harder you cling to my thoughts

You are still the first one I think of when I wake up in the morning
And you are the last one I think of at night before I drift off into dreams
Even in sleep you don’t leave my side
You are still the one who haunts my dreams
And leave my thoughts fluttering for more
Even after two months

I know you are not good for me
And you know I’m not good for you
Our worlds are too different to become one
Bound in holy matrimony
We will not be together till death do us part
We will not be together at all

Let me one day forget you
Let me one day fall in love with the right one for once

Release me
Release me from the bonds of this infatuation

You have made me feel more alone
Than I have ever been
Or ever will be in a lifetime

You have me fantasizing about married life with you
You have me looking up wedding dresses
Colour schemes for the bridesmaids
Designing engagement rings and wedding bands

I can see in my head our family together
But I know neither of us can get past step one

You are a novelty in my life
That’s why my heart is fixated on you
It will never let go until I find another
To take your place

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