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Reasons for Singularity

I have oft wondered
Why I am not loved?
Coming back often
To the same old reasons

I am not attractive
Not intelligent
Just not worth it

But none of that is true
And you know as well as I
I’ve always been scared to commit

I’ve never been hurt
The way some have by love
But I let my head think things
Over my heart

Perhaps it’s not the commitment
Perhaps it’s opening up
Letting you see
Who I really am

Maybe I’m scared
That below this facade
Is nothing of substance
Nothing of interest

I would love the chance
To forgive and forget
To love your every flaw
To give you that second chance
But instead I’m clouded
By doubt and misery
My head questioning my heart
About all the “what ifs”

Or maybe what I’m scared of
Is letting go
Of a life where I have everything
Of the chance to be everything

Maybe it’s true
Maybe it’s not
Live your life your way
Let no one
Control who and how you love and live

Loosely based on this article:

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