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Holding out

I keep telling myself
I’m holding out
For a miracle
For a better opportunity to come along
For true love

But is it true to say
That things like that were never meant for me?
Is it true to say
That I was destined for something bigger?
Something better?

I can’t see
For I can’t know
What fate has in store for me

I know that I am stronger than hoping for things to fall into my lap
But in my moments of weakness
I wish that there was someway
An easy way
To keep on living on in this world I’d like to see burn

More than just a Pretty Face

I’d like to think
That behind this smile
Behind these eyes
That dazzle and bewilder
There is something of substance left

I’d like to think
That I can think
To debate and win
An intellectual battle
Without resorting to ad hominid attacks

It’s sad to me
To think of me
As nothing more than a pretty face

I can’t stand to be useless
Yet, feel that I am
That I’ll never measure up
To the standard of my peers

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