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A Rose by Any Other Name

Tonight as I lay under the stars
Searching for your face in amongst the constellations
I think about the circumstances of our parting

Once upon a time your name was so perfect
Rolled off my tongue with a certain smoothness
Once upon a time I loved you
And you loved me too

Too long has passed
Too long we’ve been parted
I’ve forgotten the feelings you’ve given me

Tonight as I lay under the stars
I whisper your name
The taste on my lips doesn’t feel quite right

I remember a time when that was the only name I knew
The only name that felt right

I will never know that feeling again


Shakespeare in 3 panels

Shakespeare in 3 panels


Novels inspired by Shakespeare

Novels inspired by Shakespeare

Happy Birthday Shakespeare!

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Phrases we got from Shakespeare:

Video-song of words we got from Shakespeare

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