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Be brave for me
So that when I look into your eyes I don’t know what fear is
Be brave for me
So I can walk through life with my head held high

You are the light of my life
You are something so rare
So precious
I never want to lose you

I love you for who you are
But I love you more for who we’ve become


Settling on Hope

We both knew from the start that things weren’t gonna work out
I guess we hoped that the other would
But life and love can’t be built purely on hope

Different priorities
Different places
Different dreams
Different goals
It’s a wonder we got together

We are such different people
It was never meant to be
But I’m not sad
You’re an experience I’ve learned so much from

You’ve added something to my search
And I know that I want a man like you in my life one day
But now is not the time
Maybe some years down the road
I’ll see you again
Each with our own families
And we’ll smile knowingly
Knowing that we made the right choice


Last night I dreamt of you
Holding my hand
And holding my heart
You’re the kind of guy
I’d wait forever for

In each other’s company
We did not wish to part
You could not let me go
As you lingered for an excuse

I held on as long as I could
I didn’t want you to go
As much as you didn’t want to leave

But in the morning I woke with a start
Jolting from this jaded reality
Still tasting your memory on my lips
Still feeling your arms wrapped tightly around me
Clinging to its remnants

Is such a love lasting?
Is such a love worthwhile?
Am I in love with novelty?
Or am I just lonely?

Do you wake in the night
Gazing into nothing
Thinking and dreaming
Of what we could be?


It’s a strange thing
The way you make me feel

One touch
Was all it took

I promised not to love you
I promised we’d just be friends

But oh how that kiss sent my head spinning
Oh how my head spun for days

Until our next meeting

Far more intimate
Far more …more affectionate

Yet I felt nothing
No sense of what I had felt before
My head did not spin
My heart did not long for you

I was not in love
Just as I promised

Conversations with You

Late at night
When the world’s gone to sleep
I lay here thinking of us

We did not exist
We were no more than friends
In my world
We were so much more

There was no one who knew what I felt
There was so much isolation
So much loneliness before I met you

Slowly, you showed me it was ok
To believe in my heart
To follow my dreams

Slowly, morals corroded
Pleasure filled my days

And despite the exhaustion and pain
I longed for the conversations with you

A Woman’s Words

It was exactly as she said
As I headed out the door
The tone of bitterness
Full of deep regret

Each and every outing
Etched with vexatious war

I cannot have my freedom
Though I have ever always loved you
You are the only one, ever loved and respected
Yet in your jealousy, you  hold me back
You take advantage of my love
And use it to cage me up
And yet I return to you always

Like a dehydrated fool in the desert
To the hot miraged metal sea
Burning my hands and feet
Burning my tongue and lips
To get the sweet taste of long forgotten eau

Tonight I decided
My final decision is made

No longer will I be bound
By your jealous vines
I will not be held back
By your passive aggressive permission

Memories of Her

His phone buzzed rattling on the nightstand.

“Are you going to get that?” she called to him.

“Could you get it for me?” he called back.

“Sure,” she said picking up the phone and looking at the message.

She made her way to the kitchen, reading as she went.

“Who is it?” he asked.

“Kevin, he’s asking if you’re going to the game on Friday,”  she read.

He shook his head, “Mind texting him back and letting him know that I have a work function to go to?”

“Okay,” she nodded. She scrolled through his phone after texting back a reply, frowning.

“What?” he asked, cuddling up to her, spatula in hand.

“The DNA test confirmed you were the father?” she repeated.

“I…” he said.

“Do you have something to tell me Bryce?” she asked raising an eyebrow.

“Can you promise to let me finish before you get mad?” Bryce said timidly.

She put down his phone and nodded. He made his way back to the stove to make sure that nothing was burning.

“So a few years ago, when I was still dating your sister there was girl who was stalking me. She would follow me everywhere, leave me flowers, chocolates and suggestive messages. That really put a strain on my relationship with your sister and eventually we broke up, but between me dating you and me breaking up with your sister she really amped up her crazy antics. She started calling me and waited for me outside of my house, my classes, my workplace,” started Bryce.

“So are you really the father of anyone?” she asked.

Bryce struggled with himself for a few minutes, “Yes and no.”

She nodded at him encouragingly.

“You have to understand this is really hard for me, babe,” said Bryce wincing.

She put her arm around him and leaned in for a kiss.

“What happened?” she asked gently.

“Well I was being irresponsible and we ended up in bed together. A few weeks later she calls me and tells me that she’s pregnant with my child and I lost it. If she wasn’t crazy before, she was now. I applied for a restraining order against her and got it. I had my number changed, I moved and everything, but somehow she still found me. She texted me shortly after the child was born telling me that it was mine…” explained Bryce.

“Is that the truth?” she confirmed.

“It’s the truth,” repeated Bryce.

She nodded and headed off to set the table. He stared after her wondering if she believed him.

Prompt: Write about the message she found on his phone

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