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Restaurant Review: Western Lake Chinese Seafood Restaurant

Location: 4989 Victoria Dr

This was our second last full day in Vancouver and we spent it with our cousin. Dim sum is a must in Vancouver. She said this place has some of the biggest siu mai she’s ever seen, setting my expectations. We walked in with a giant cluster of people around the entrance but we decided to go up to the counter anyways and put our name down. The lady at the counter told us that the wait would be about an hour and a half. Our cousin was shocked, in all her time coming to that restaurant, she had never had to wait that long even with a line winding around the corner. We waited for about twenty minutes inside the first set of doors before moving into the restaurant to wait. In total we only ended up waiting about half an hour before we were seated. However, when seated and got our order in we waited for twenty minutes before anything came out.

The first dish we got was the prawn spring roll. It’s the closest thing to the bean curd spring roll that I love so much. It came with worcester sauce just like the bean curd things do. I’m not sure if I prefer this one because spring roll wrapper is substantially crunchier and way less messy than the bean curd one. The siu mai and beef tripe came at the same time. She wasn’t kidding about the size (look below for a picture of the sui mai in my bowl next to my teacup for reference). The sui mai had: pork, scallop, shrimp, fish roe, and shitaki mushrooms. It looked like the wonton wrapper could barely contain it. My cousin didn’t like tripe, but that’s fine because that means more for my sister and me. The tripe was plain in comparison to the siu mai and spring roll, which was not a bad thing. I think I prefer the tripe marinated in garlic and chilis than in ginger and green onion. Next one that came was one of my sister’s favourite: the deep fried Chinese doughnut in rice crepe with soy sauce, hoisin sauce, and peanut butter. I usually only can eat one or two pieces, since it’s primarily dough (or all dough), it fills me up so that I can’t eat too much else. One reason we order doughy/carby things at dim sum are to make sure we don’t overspend on food (in particular, for those with a larger appetite). The next dish was the ha gow. It was equally large. Maybe not as big as the siu ma, but still large in its own right (look below for another comparison picture). The last, is another favourite of my sister’s, the shrimp in rice crepe. Even though I took a rice crepe from the bottom, it had not soaked in enough soy sauce.

This place may look dingy and run down and you’re willing to wait a little longer, this is a good place for dim sum. The portion size really stuck with me and I hope to come back here again with family or friends in the future. I’ll give it a 4.25/5.

Western Lake Chinese Seafood Restaurant

Restaurant Interior 1

Restaurant Interior

Prawn Spring Rolls

Back: Siu Mai Front: Tripe

Siu Mai compared to my teacup

Chinese Doughnut wrapped in Rice Crepe

Ha gow

Ha gow compared to my teacup

Shrimp wrapped in Rice Crepe

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