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Restaurant Review: NOtaBLE

Location: 4611 Bowness Rd NW

For the longest time I’ve wanted to come here. And finally, on Julia’s birthday we got the chance. Situated in Bowness, this gem is a stark contrast to the community around it. While the rest of the community looks rather weathered, as many of the older communities are, this restaurant is a modern delight. At the entrance we were greeted by a friendly hostess. Though we had made reservations, there had been some kind of mix up, resulting in a slight delay, but we didn’t mind. Watching the chefs work in the open kitchen was mesmerizing. Once that was sorted, we were seated near the back of the dining room. I sat facing a mirror (mirrors always are great at creating an illusion that the place is bigger than it really is) and to my left a giant window looking out onto the street to remind me exactly where I was.

The waitress was prompt in getting our drink orders in, I had a jasmine green tea and Julia had the Cherry Cola (The Grizzly Paw Brewing Company’s soda’s are popping up everywhere. I had this same one at Charcut when I went, they’re fantastic, so I understand why so many restaurants are taking them on). For entrees we both decided on burgers, she had the Grilled BC Albacore Tuna Burger and I had the NOtaBLE burger, both with fries. The Tuna Burger was a beautifully seared patty of tuna served on a sesame bun, topped with  togarashi mayo, pickles, and local butter leaf. To be honest, the pickles were more like slightly pickled cucumbers. I liked that because it provided a fresh contrast to the fish, lifting it. As delicious as it was, I don’t think I would have been able to eat the entire thing on my own. The NOtaBLE burger was essentially a meatloaf burger which consisted of a mix of naturally raised pork & beef served with smoked Cheddar, a slice of beefsteak tomato, lettuce, roasted onion, and mayo atop an Asiago cheese bun. The mixture of pork and beef made the patty more moist and was very meatloaf-y. The roast onion provided the right amount acidity to make the dish pop. It may not be the best burger I’ve had ever, but it’s up there.

Though we were both pretty full, we decide a birthday meal wouldn’t be complete without dessert. Julia settled on a Stilton cheesecake (yes, it’s blue cheese) and I had the Dark chocolate milk pie. The cheesecake had been bruleed, adding another depth of texture to it. The rhubarb compote provided a tart contrast to the creaminess inherent in cheesecakes, making them a nice pairing. The blue cheese taste was not overbearing, it was actually almost unnoticable. Had I not known that Stilton was blue cheese, I would have never guessed it was in there. Though I don’t really like how strong blue cheese is, the marbling colour of blue and white are beautiful, and I would have loved to see that imitated in the cheesecake itself. My pie had oatmeal cookie crust served with a mandarin marmalade and vanilla gelato. In all honestly, I ordered this for the gelato. In the last little while, I’ve had an obsession with vanilla gelato, but it’s so good so who can blame me right? The pie was more like a dark chocolate ganache tart I had attempted a while back, incredibly rich and I could have done with a smaller portion size (and if the portion size was reduced, the price would have to be adjusted accordingly), but it was still delicious. While orange and chocolate are a classic pairing, the orange failed to measure up to its potential. For me, it just fell flat, not giving me the brightness orange usually promises.

Overall, great atmosphere, great service, and great food. Though the menu is not extensive, I would most definitely come back here again. This place would be great for a cozy date night. 4.25/5.

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