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Attracted to the Heart

Never have I loved
As I do love you
For no one has a heart
Has a soul
As beautiful as yours

You’re so ordinary on the outside
But inside
You conceal
A warmth
A tenderness
A joy
Waiting to envelope me

I love you
As I have never loved before
Give me a reason not to follow my heart to yours

Love at its finest

I thought I was over you
Months had come
And months had gone
And not one thought of you strayed into my mind
You were long forgotten
But then you came around again
Made my heart flutter and melt
Made me ineffectual
A puddle for you

Why must you do this to me?
Why must you remind me when I’ve forgotten?
Why do you make me love you when we both know we cannot be?

I wish you’d come back to me
Tell me your heart
And love me as I have loved you
Only then will I be contented
Only then will my heart and mind be allowed to rest
Only then will my soul find peace

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