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Just an Option

I supposed that it’s half my fault
For the pain that I have gone through
In these last few weeks
Because when I admitted to myself
That I loved you
I opened up my heart
And let you in
Let you in to wreak havoc
And destroy me from with in

I never knew this would happen
But with my boundless optimism
I should have predicted as much

In my days of pessimism
The days in which I would constantly berate myself
When I had no self-esteem
I was better off

I never expected
I never hoped
I always knew
I’d never find love

I’ve tried and failed
So many times
That I should know better than to fall in love

Love can lift you
Love can make you a better person than you ever were before
But love can destroy you
Burn you down without a care
It’s a double edged sword
That I could once handle

But to experience failure
To never be able to be loved
Has slowly worn away at me

I’ve lost all hope
That I’ll be happy in a relationship
As much as I want to be loved
I don’t want to hurt this much ever again

Restaurant Review: The Noodle Box

I found these reviews saved to a USB when I was clearing out some old files and decided I might as well post them. These reviews, you could say, are where I got started originally. They’re not as detailed as I do them now, so take them with a grain of salt.

WORST. RESTAURANT. EVER. All the menu items sounded so good so I had high expectations for the food. I ordered a Spicy Peanut Noodle Box (refer to above), my dad ordered a Singapore Cashew Curry on Rice, Val ordered Coconut Curry Noodles, and my mom ordered a Thai style Chow Mein. It has nice presentation sorta, but it has no taste and it was all one texture, I preferred eating the raw bean sprouts to what they cooked.  And when we were ordering, the waitress asked me how spicy I wanted the noodles saying you should order one lower than you think you can handle, so I thought it was going to be VERY spicy, so I got mild…it wasn’t even spicy. Even after I dumped in a couple spoons of chili, there was no change in the level of spiciness…I would not recommend this restaurant to anyone. I don’t understand how they can have like 4 restaurants. 1 out of 5.

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