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The Phantom Knight

Prompt: be inspired by a tv series you have watched/completed

Before he was a great man
He was a little boy
With big fears
And even bigger dreams

The day
Forever ingrained
Of two lovers
Stepping before him
Shielding him
Protecting him
Defining him

Their cries
The bullets
A pearl necklace

In a city of crime
That never sleeps
Where the mad king and queen rule the roost
Only one man
Stands above them all

Shrouded in shadow and mystery
He is the night
Chaos does not
Will not
Reign under his watchful eye

By day
A businessman
With a plastered smile

By night
A watchman
With a grim signature scowl

Is he the greatest man amongst them all?
Or is he just another madness
Vying for command?

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