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A Face From the Past

You wind me up in such a way

I don’t even know my left from right

You’ve taken away my sense of direction

And left me chasing after shadows suspended on dust

I’ve been numb for so long

That when the colour returned to my world I didn’t know what to do

I’ve forgotten how to live

And I’ve lived through my poetry

My stories and the songs I’ve mentally dedicated to you

Let’s just say I’ve never been the object of sonnets

I’ve never been called beautiful

Or loved as you have loved me tonight

I don’t know how to feel

I don’t know how to act

All I know is confusion in the darkness

The way your words caress me in the dimly lit office

The way it wraps around me and keeps me warm at night

The thought of you makes me smile more than usual

The fact that you are in love not just with my body

But with my mind is rare

Thank you

You are someone I could learn to love

Prompt: Go chase some feeling down a rabbit hole of sorts. Create with passion something intense and meaningful, be it meaningful to you or to someone else. But, mostly, create something that’s going to leave you feeling inspired.

You’re always so beautiful

He said to me
A blush came over my cheeks
I didn’t know what to say
I murmured a thanks
And continued with the service

It was always the same
He’d hand over his passport
I would make light conversation with him
I was always smiling
Always happy to see him
He wouldn’t say much
And I never pushed too hard
He’d hand me the money
And start on his test

It would always end the same too
He would stand up and look at me
We would share a moment of understanding
As he sadly left
There was the unspoken promise that he would return again

Today was different
Today he was bold
Bold enough to ask me
About myself

But you and I
I know will never be
You like him…
Belong in a world separate from mine

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