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Boats Against the Current

I look at the green dot
Sitting by your name
I think about the day you’ve had
I think about talking to you about it

But then I think
I’ll just be a bother
So I stare at the green
And feel as Jay Gatsby did
Looking at that green light
Off in the distance
Marking a place
I’ll never be
A place
I’ll never sail to

Love from Afar

The sun rises
And I know the end is near
All that I built
In the shadows of the night
Pierced and shattered
By the morning rays

But all is not lost
For the morning brings a new dawn
A new life
A new story to my dark and dismal days

With a new day comes the renewed chance that I will see you once more
You, perfect in every sense of the word
Have given me a reason
To go on
To be strong
To be myself

I want to be your reason for getting up each morning
I want to be the one who you think of before you fall asleep
But that will never be
Because you don’t know me

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