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Don’t make me promises
You don’t intend to honour
If that which is so simple
Is a commitment
You won’t make
Then fuck it

Why should I give myself
Put in my heart and soul
For a man who doesn’t care
For a man who would only trample
On my hopes and dreams
To be torn apart
And lied to?

I am better than that
And I deserve more than this

You treat me like shit
And wonder why I want to run away
To curl up and to die
In a corner of the world
Where I’ll never be found
Or why I try to find comfort
In the arms of another
Who loves me for who I am
Embraces each flaw
And inspires my mind

Too long have I lingered
Rotting in this gilded cage
I am better than this
And I will rise above it
Find my voice
And soar

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