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“The Devil makes his Christmas pie of lawyers’ tongues” -English Proverb


“I am not so afraid of lawyers as I used to be. They are lambs in wolves’ clothing.” -Edna St. Vincent Millay


“No lawyer will ever go to Heaven so long as there is room for more in Hell.” -French Proverb-

Lawyer Calendar Anecdote of the Day

A very respectable lawyer was filing some insurance papers when he came to the question: “If you father is dead, state the cause.” Unwilling to reveal that his father had been hanged for cattle rustling, the lawyer evaded the problem by answering this way: “He died while taking part in a public ceremony when the platform gave way.”

Legal Anecdote

So for Christmas my aunt gave me a calendar about lawyers, jokes and otherwise. She gave it to me saying, this only applies if you become a lawyer, no pressure or anything…yeah, no pressure at all. Some of the things I read in the calendar are gold. Today’s was just that.

“It seems that a lawyer had a bit too much to drink and on his way home rear-ended the car in front of him. The lawyer got out of his car and said ‘Boy, are you in trouble. I’m a lawyer!’ The driver looked out his window and said ‘No, you’re in trouble. I’m a judge.'”

After such an annoying day, I’m glad that’s what I got to come home to.

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