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Restaurant Review: BoRi Korean Restaurant

Location: 3616 52 Ave NW

An impromptu family lunch brought us out to this restaurant here. This restaurant replaced the previous Korean restaurant that used to be here and I have to say I like the new changes. The tables feel like they’re much larger than they used to be, which is good considering they have a self-serve, all you can eat side dish bar.

Like the previous Korean restaurant that stood here, they had a lunch box option. However, under this new management, the lunch boxes are better organized and contain much more food for an affordable price. Each lunch box includes soup, salad, a spring roll, honey fried potatoes, shredded ribbons of fish cakes/fish tofu, a protein of choice, and of course, unlimited sides. The price of the meal is dependant on the protein chosen. All dishes with the exception of the short ribs ($15) and salmon teriyaki ($13) are $11. In regards to the offering of number of side dishes, I would say that it’s perfect. There’s just enough selection for variety, but not too many that it would put a strain on the chefs in the kitchen to have to prepare for restock.

For side dishes, this restaurant offers kimchi (of course, how could you not offer a staple of Korean cuisine, daikon, sweet potato salad (sweetened with sugar, not using sweet potatoes) and sesame bean sprouts. We’ve tried making the sweet potato salad at home but didn’t have the right kind of mayonnaise and we didn’t add nearly enough sugar. This restaurant’s interpretation of the dish included a sprinkling of shredded carrots and sweet corn. This, by far, is one of my favourite, new side dishes (this isn’t a side dish I’ve seen until the just recently and I’ve frequented Korean restaurants for years). The self-serve area also has miso soup, rice, salad, and coffee. While the lunch boxes already contain rice and salad, the self-serve bar offers additional rice and salad for people who want or need more. There is only one soup available for selection and it is served in a rice cooker (presumably to keep it warm). Green onions and tofu are on the side for you to add in as much or as little as you want, but there was no seaweed either in the soup or as an add in. So essentially, what I got was miso soup with onions and no tofu.

I ordered the marinate beef short ribs, my mom got the salmon teriyaki and my sister and dad got the spicy chicken lunch boxes. In addition to that, we got one order of Jap Chae (Jap Che on their menu) as well.

Even at $15, I’d say that the lunch box has more than enough food. I ended up actually packing up half of it to go (probably because I had the noodles too). The beef wasn’t too chewy, but as with short ribs, they’re still kinda tough in some places. The spring roll was nothing special, a cabbage and carrot filling with what tasted like tonkatsu sauce on them. The fried potatoes with honey on them were pretty good, kinda reminiscent of the sweet glazed garlicky fried potatoes that I loved as a side dish at some of the other Korean restaurants I’ve been at. The fish cake strips are pretty standard, which makes me think that it’s a commercial product that most restaurants would buy in rather than make in house (I don’t know know what goes into making these, but I’m thinking it’s a lot of work!). And finally, the salad is to die for! From what we (read: Valerie) could figure out, the sauce is made from vinegar, pureed carrots and onions, and some kind of sweetener (probably just sugar water). The chicken and salmon were both pretty good too. The chicken was moist and the one piece I had wasn’t that spicy and the salmon was cooked all the way through but not dry.

The noodles were also pretty good. The dish is slightly on the salty side, but still delicious. if not a little inconvenient for a few reasons:
1. Metal Chopsticks
2. Extreme length
3. Slippery noodles
4. Elasticity of noodles

I would 100% come back here again! The service and food were both very good and the pricing definitely helped. Based on today’s experience, I’d give this place a 4.25.

Restaurant Exterior
Lunch Menu
Side dish self-serve bar
Miso, Rice and Coffee
Side dishes
Marinated Beef Short Ribs
Spicy Chicken

Restaurant Review: Wayo

Location: 2320 4 St NW

After a long hard day suffering through the LSAT, I guess I could say it was nice to have some Korean BBQ. Normally we got to Seoul or Koreana (which is unfortunately now closed), but we decided to give this place a try.

Unlike Seoul or Koreana, they don’t have the option of a set course dinner for 3-4 people or 2-3 people which is usually just the right amount of food for us, so we went with the 4-5 people combo option meaning it was more expensive than what we normally got. The combo included a choice of appetizers: seaweed salad or seafood pancake, BBQ: chicken bulgogi, pork bulgogi, beef bulgogi, and short ribs, and hot pot: mushroom & bulgogi, pork bone & potato, and kimchi & pork. It was different (a nice different) to be able to be able to customize the meal to a degree. We chose the seafood pancake, chicken & pork bulgogi, short ribs, and pork bone and potato hot pot. In addition to these dishes there were about 8 side dishes: fresh green salad, kimchi, sweet glazed potatoes, jap chae, bean sprouts, seaweed salad, pickled cucumber & radish (daikon), and glazed soy bean. And of course the staples of every one of these meals is lettuce and rice.

Personally, my favourite sides were the green salad, jap chae, bean sprouts, seaweed salad, and pickled cucumber & daikon. All of them had the touch of acidity needed to complement the richness of the meat. My only complaint was as a side dish the jap chae was “cold” which made it not taste as good as it could have. The pancake was huge as the combo was meant for 4-5 people and it was chock full of seafood, which I was very happy about. More often than not, the pancake is onion and batter with maybe one piece of seafood per slice if you were lucky. It was pretty good, but considering that we get a heaping bowl of rice each, I think that it would have been a better option to have gone with the seaweed salad, especially if the side dish was any indication as to how good it was. While the chicken and pork bulgogis were good, I would have really like to have had the beef bulgogi because I have chicken at home all the time and pork, depending on the cut can be quite dry and boring. I know that we chose each of the ones we did for the variety, but if we ever come back here, I want that beef. There’s not much that needs to be said about the short ribs. Short ribs are honestly my favourite thing every time we go for Korean BBQ. Despite being really difficult to eat with the metal chopsticks, the taste and texture are phenomenal. What I liked about their short ribs was that they were a thicker cut than most other places I’ve been too, more meat, more happiness. The pork bone and potato soup was nothing like the one we had at Jang Mo Jib, but that was because this one has no other option besides spicy. At Jang Mo Jib, you can tell them not spicy, mild, medium, or hot (or something like that), but here they give it to you like it is. And let me tell you, I don’t like spicy, hot soups because they burn and not in the good way. I’m usually pretty good at holding my own when it comes to spicy food, with this, haha, I’m reduced to tears and that’s with me avoiding the jalapenos.

Overall, I was very satisfied with my experience here. Service was good and so was food. I liked that the grilling pit didn’t emit as much smoke as the traditional ones (which usually needs a hood attached to the ceiling above to get rid of some of that smoke). The contraption was also a lot easier to control than the traditional ones where we are often left trying to figure out how to turn it up or turn it off (usually resulting in us turning it off when we need to turn it up or vice versa). Next time I come back, I’d like to bring along a few more people and go with friends instead of family. This place provides a warm cozy retreat from the cold (but maybe it was so warm and cozy for me because we were seated right near the fireplace). I’d rate this place a 3.75/5.

Lots of side dishes

Side Dishes

Korean Pancake

Seafood Pancake


On the grill: Chicken Bulgogi (and onion and enoki mushrooms) On the plate: Pork Bulgogi and Short ribs

pork and potato soup

Pork Bone and Potato Soup

Restaurant Review: Jang Mo Jib

Location: 1575 Robson St

I’m pretty sure that our cousin Jenny took us to this restaurant when we were last in Vancouver. I mean it’s something I remember, Jenny remembers, my dad remembers, so if that many people remember, I can’t be crazy.

This place is awesome! Portion sizes are huge, so unless you’re a big eater or have a large party, don’t order too much. For the four of us, we ordered three dishes and even then, we had trouble finishing it. We ordered the Regular Non-spicy Gam Ja Tahng, Beef BBQ, and the Jab Che. The Gam Ja Tahng is a traditional Korean pork and neck bone soup with green onion, white onion, vegetables, and potatoes. Normally we’re all pretty good at holding our own when it comes to spicy food, but my cousin said that since the soup was hot, a little bit of spiciness would make us cry. The soup had large chunks of fall of the bone tender meat, but I found the soup to be a little too meaty in taste for my liking. For me, potatoes in a clear broth soup, especially an Asian soup is a little weird. Now that I’ve tried it, I can say that I don’t like it. Next time I’d like to try the Duk Bok Gee Hot Pot. The last two dishes don’t have an option for level of spiciness. The Beef BBQ isn’t just the meat, it was more like a stir-fry. I would have preferred if there was more meat than veggie, but maybe I was just feeling carnivorous that day. A staple for me is Jab Che (also spelled Jap Chae). Eating this one I knew immediately that I have been to this place. Like a friend of my sister’s said, this dish is really accessible and is a great introduction to Korean food for people who haven’t tried it yet. I really like it because of the sweet potato noodles which are super chewy and I love chewy.

Because the portion sizes are so big, I would love to come back again just to try out some of these other things. Hopefully next time I’ll have more people to come along with me so we can try out everything. I would rate this place 3.75/5 based on the experience and dishes I tried here, but that may changed based on what I order next time.

Restaurant Interior

Restaurant Interior

Side Dishes

Side Dishes

Gam Ja Tahng

Gam Ja Tahng

Jab Che

Jab Che

BBQ Beef

BBQ Beef

Restaurant Review: Shabusen Yakiniku

Location: 202-755 Burrard St

Tonight we went for all you can eat Japanese and Korean BBQ. This place was the recommendation of the parents of my traveling companion, Vivienne (a friend of my sister’s). We made a reservation just in case and from the looks of it, it was totally necessary. We arrived to a busy restaurant and were promptly seated. A pitcher of water was delivered and a sheet to mark of the food we wanted. In round one we ordered beef short rib, BBQ beef, spicy gyoza, 2 toro nigiri, 4 unagi nigiri, 8 pieces of salmon sashimi, 2 pieces of tuna sashimi, 1 chopped scallop temaki (hand roll), 4 oyster motoyaki, and 3 agedashi tofu. The beef was the first to come and slowly the other things started to come out. The beef was so good we ordered another two servings of it, but by the time we had finished of all the beef, the temaki, tofu, and oysters still hadn’t come out. We asked one of the staff and she curtly said “it’s coming” even though she didn’t even check. Regardless, we were still hungry and ordered another round of food: 2 more toro nigiri, deep fried spicy gyoza, 8 more pieces of salmon sashimi, and 2 more tuna sashimi. Some more of the food came out and we still hadn’t received some of the dishes from round one. I was becoming increasingly impatient. Both times we ordered the gyozas the meat was raw. I don’t know if that’s how it’s supposed to be but every time we order gyozas, including in Calgary, the meat has always been raw. The pieces of sashimi got thinner and smaller as the night went on and the temaki had way too much rice (so much so that my sister expressed the fact that she was starting to feel sick because eating a roll of just seaweed and rice is kinda gross). To me, the oyster motoyaki was just weird. It is essentially cooked oysters in mayo and oil. That didn’t look or sound appealing in anyway to me. This was my first time trying the agedashi tofu. It’s a pretty ordinary dish: tempura soy sauce and firm tofu cut into cubes, covered in tempura batter and deep fried. Our last round was dessert, a coffee jello. It was kinda weird tasting. Coffee in a jello topped with evaporated milk? I dunno, I feel ambivalent about this one.

The service at this place was atrocious. We had one table who waited for about 15-20 minutest to get a table and all they got was a bowl of edamame that wasn’t meant for us (they mixed up the order and so they just gave it to that table instead). They were so frustrated that everyone just got up and left. That combined with my experience with that waitress has left me feeling disrespected. The only saving grace of this place was one of the waiters, who’s name I can’t currently recall. He was very attentive to our table and made sure we got everything we ordered. Wait times between dishes were ridiculous as well. I will never come back to this place and I give it a 1/5.


BBQ Beef and BBQ Beef Short Ribs


Spicy Gyoza


Unagi and Toro Nigiri


Salmon and Tuna Sashimi


Chopped Scallop and Toro Nigiri


Oyster Motoyaki


Agedashi Tofu and Deep Fried Spicy Gyoza


Coffee Jello


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