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Trusted Ones

Be careful who you let in
There are only a few people in your life who actually care
The others are just curious
And here for the show

Be careful who you love
Some just can’t wait to shatter your heart
And stomp it to bits
To watch the ensuing fireworks

They won’t hesitate to stab you in the back
When the chance arises

So do you know
Who you can trust
And who’s a beautiful lie?


You can say what you want
But I know your heart
I know that late at night
When you think that no one is watching
When you think the world’s asleep
You cry yourself to sleep
Remembering me

But we were over before we even began
You didn’t want it
Anymore than I did
So why do you linger now?
Reminiscing over memories that never were
Dreaming and begging for my attention

You could have saved yourself a lot of hurt
If only you had kept your promise

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