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Over you

The fact that you still make my heart flutter
Means that I still fancy the idea of us
I thought I was over you
But still I sit here
For your reply

I didn’t think things would work out
All the signs that you gave
Told me to abandon ship
But like everyone else
I want my happily ever after

I want my Prince Charming
I want my Knight in Shining Armour

Please stop lingering in my head
And come into my life

Last Night

Something happened last night
Something I cannot recollect
Something changed between us
Something I don’t know

I’ve never felt closer
I’ve always kept away
I’ve always been afraid
Of something I don’t know

Always said I wasn’t that kind of girl
Always was too strong
Always dreaming of companionship
Now I don’t know

Is it loneliness that draws me to you?
Our conversations are like no other
They give me so much pleasure
Even when they’re┬áhurting me

Every waking hour
I spend thinking of you
Every sleeping hour
I spend dreaming of you

I can’t keep living like this
I can’t keep dreaming
Of a future in my head
A future I’ll never have

I said I wouldn’t be that kind of girl
Now even that I don’t know
Even when I met her
I knew I could do it

You said you could make me see
You said you hated your ability to persuade
To manipulate
As you’ve done so to me
But what you saw was already there
A spark you blew into a flame

I’m not that kind of girl
But I write enough about it
That one day I may as well
Become what I write

I don’t mind
Not anymore
To give you all I have

This loneliness I cannot stand
Our friendship means so much more
Than the superficial “friend”

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