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In Pieces

Gone are the nights
Filled with adventures
Gone are the nights
I spend writing sad poetry
Gone are the nights
I dream of something better

I’m tired
Too tired to keep dreaming of a life I can’t have
That I’ll never have

I haven’t given up
But the euphoria you once gave me
Has given me anxiety

I once had dreams
For a bigger and better future
But all I want now is you

You destroyed
All my hopes
All my dreams

Now I see you
In the clouds in the sky
Smell your sweet cologne
In the swirling breeze
Hear your voice
In the back of my mind

I want you
But can’t have you
And I`ll never make you mine
Because you’re not to be objectified
And you will never know how I feel


Value of an English degree

Value of an English degree

I hate when people ask: what are you going to do with an English degree? Or tell me that I will never get a job with an English degree. Or even better, if I plan on becoming a teacher. This post sums up my frustration as well as demonstrates what an English degree really amounts to. I will hopefully be going into law soon, if not, I can be anything. Just like when I was 5. The potential is endless. I multi-talented and I know I can adapt to thrive in this competitive market. Though graduation scares me, I’m proud to be an English major.

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