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Even the Loyal Ones Cheat

A hundred days
A hundred years
In a blink of an eye
All to dust

And from the ashes you rise again
Not a phoenix
Nor a dragon
But unwanted

A monster of the deep
A perfect life disrupted


You once held my respect
Re-enforced by truth
But it was only a facade

Roll after roll
Karma plagued you at every turn
Every stab at happiness
Ended with you bleeding out

All I wanted was for you to feel my pain
All I wanted was closure

What was once
A door in my face
Walls closing in
Is now my freedom

But somewhere
Echoing in the hollow caverns
In the barren cells
Buried in the recesses of my mind
Carved into the walls by a madman

“Even the loyal ones cheat”

I didn’t want to believe it
But when the words emerged
When the truth spilled forth
I felt nothing

Anger and sadness had long dispersed
Only disappointment remained

I wanted to scream
I wanted to cry
But nothing bubbles to the surface

Your words can’t reach me
You don’t deserve a reaction
For I know who I am

I found strength
When I thought I had none

I learned to build my walls from sand
Turned to stone
To create a fortress
That no other shall breach

You taught me something
I’ll never forget

I shall never give
My heart as freely as I once gave to you
For fortresses built from a shattered heart
Are filled with mistrust and deceit

And all the while
Life goes on
Filled with unwarranted optimism
My rose coloured lens
Now jaded
For every life
That walks in mine
Is spoiled
Because of you

It’s people like you
Invisible but present
That make others wonder why
I have trust issues

Sweet Revenge

Let me paint you in the best light possible
So that when I burn you down
The fireworks will be so spectacular
That the Gods will come down from Olympus to celebrate

Your demise will be short and sweet
But just long enough for you to realize
That you chose the wrong girl to mess with
When you broke my heart


For months and months
It was you and I
Endless nights
And infiniteĀ mornings

Pictures, phone calls, Facebook messages

Then they stop
They all stop
Days and days
Of looking forward
And going back
Huddled beneath my covers
Waiting for something new

I thought we had something special
I thought despite it all
You could and would still love me

Was I just a friend for the pleasures I could provide?
Or was there something more?
You said you valued me
For my ability to think and debate
But it turns out
You were just in it for yourself

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