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Sweet Revenge

Let me paint you in the best light possible
So that when I burn you down
The fireworks will be so spectacular
That the Gods will come down from Olympus to celebrate

Your demise will be short and sweet
But just long enough for you to realize
That you chose the wrong girl to mess with
When you broke my heart


For months and months
It was you and I
Endless nights
And infiniteĀ mornings

Pictures, phone calls, Facebook messages

Then they stop
They all stop
Days and days
Of looking forward
And going back
Huddled beneath my covers
Waiting for something new

I thought we had something special
I thought despite it all
You could and would still love me

Was I just a friend for the pleasures I could provide?
Or was there something more?
You said you valued me
For my ability to think and debate
But it turns out
You were just in it for yourself

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