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Conversations with You

Late at night
When the world’s gone to sleep
I lay here thinking of us

We did not exist
We were no more than friends
In my world
We were so much more

There was no one who knew what I felt
There was so much isolation
So much loneliness before I met you

Slowly, you showed me it was ok
To believe in my heart
To follow my dreams

Slowly, morals corroded
Pleasure filled my days

And despite the exhaustion and pain
I longed for the conversations with you

Love’s Pain Misunderstood

You will never know or understand how much you hurt me
Never in my life has my heart ached this much

Please just let me go
I don’t want to keep chasing this dream
To keep chasing this shadow suspended on dust

I’m still writing poetry
And dreaming of you

And though you still make me happy
The happiness is short lived
Because I know
That you do not prefer me

The realist fights the idealist
The idealist wants to win
Wants to disregard the realist
The idealist has always been stronger
Hope has always been stronger
But the realist is right

The idealist only prevails in the realm of my imagination
Only there are stories born
The realist has always been second
Until now

When it comes to love
The idealist leads
But the realist governs

There are still questions in my mind
I know I cannot love you
But yet I still do
My heart goes against all reason
My mind wants us to be friends
I don’t want you to misunderstand

You make me over think
Every action I wish to take
My intentions are pure
Untainted by experience
But I know how human nature works
I know how my mind works
And I am afraid you will think my intentions wrong

A simple question
The want to have lunch
Or a coffee
Or maybe frozen yogurt

Maybe it’s just easier if you read this poem
Maybe I should just write you a poem

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