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A Woman’s Words

It was exactly as she said
As I headed out the door
The tone of bitterness
Full of deep regret

Each and every outing
Etched with vexatious war

I cannot have my freedom
Though I have ever always loved you
You are the only one, ever loved and respected
Yet in your jealousy, you  hold me back
You take advantage of my love
And use it to cage me up
And yet I return to you always

Like a dehydrated fool in the desert
To the hot miraged metal sea
Burning my hands and feet
Burning my tongue and lips
To get the sweet taste of long forgotten eau

Tonight I decided
My final decision is made

No longer will I be bound
By your jealous vines
I will not be held back
By your passive aggressive permission

Growing Free

Never in my life have I felt so free
To fly away from the cuckoo’s nest
All my life I’ve lived caged away
Dreaming of a better world

Lost in the sights
Mesmerized my the sounds
Hypnotized by the smells
Lured by the tastes

I never imagined life to be so great
I never thought I could do so much
All my life I have been told
I would never be more than an ant to a boot

But with my freedom also came fear
That I was only an ant
You were the boot

So though I grew wings
And learned to fly away
I always returned
To this cage of mine 

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