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Just for tonight

Just for tonight
Let me wither and waste

Just for tonight
Let my love for you shine through

My heart is filled with such anguish
As though my fire has since been extinguished

Tonight I feel lonelier than ever before
Yet tonight I feel you more than ever
By my side
And in my mind

Tonight is nostalgic
Full of old memories together
Memories imagined
And memories real
Blended together
Melded as one
Our hearts and our souls
Bound in a song of fire and ice*

Just for tonight
Let us forget our boundaries

Just for tonight
Pretend that you love me

*Name of the first novel in The Game of Thrones series by George R.R. Martin

Always Unrequited

You are now in a place I cannot reach
I keep hoping things will change
But I will never be an exception to your rule

Never in my life
Have a met a gentleman like you

Inside your heart
You hold so much good
Guided by your faith
Your soul seems to shine

You are all that is good in this world
You treat people with the patience and respect they deserve
You are my light
You are my hope
You are the reason I go on
The reason I have confidence in myself

They say never to depend on others
To be the source of your happiness
But I am a child of circumstance
Mutable like the weather

You are my sunshine
And you are my rain
You are the rainbow
That colours my world

We are all human
And we all make mistakes
You remember that
And you forgive me

You spend your life helping others
When really you should help yourself
Sometimes I see the loneliness in your eyes
Hear it in your voice
I want so badly to help you
To love you
And be the one to give you solace
At day’s end

But I know that I don’t belong
And never will
In the world into which you were born

I don’t ask for much
Because I understand
How important to you it is to find her

So all I ask is this:
To be your friend
The one you can talk to
When you are down

I want to be the one you call
When your heart is breaking down
When you feel the walls shattering
When the world is screaming
And you feel nothing at all

I want to be the one who is there to hold your hand
To tell you things will be alright
Because you are the one I love most
And I want to see you flourish

I understand and know
That you will never love me back
But I don’t need your love
Just the idea of you is enough
To light up my heart
To push me to aid

You deserve to be happy
Even at its cost to me

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