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Driving School: Theory vs. Practice

For me, theory has always worked out better than practice. I understand theory better because in my culture rote memory is highly valued and emphasized, well at least historically. So today I was terrified to actually get into the driver seat and put my theory into practice. I was so nervous that I couldn’t stop pacing. Then my driving instructor called and it turned out that he was misinformed about the pick up location and ended up 30 minutes late. I was so nervous that I left my house without my driver’s licence. Like duh, how am I supposed to legally drive without it. IDIOT! But he was very patient and made me feel really comfortable. I have had no practical experience and he made me feel like I wasn’t an idiot for not knowing where the gas and brake pedals were or forgetting which way to turn my wheels for downhill parking or which way the vehicle’s rear goes or for telling him I should be parking 50 metres from the curb instead of centimetres…I mean I corrected that, but still really embarrassed for making that mistake. He grabbed the wheel only on one occasion and that was when he was trying to get me to do a three point turn. Unfortunately there was a big truck coming and he said to let go of the wheel and let him do it so that I wouldn’t block traffic too long trying to get the turn down. Another time he slammed on the brakes was when I was following a car and nearly hit it because it suddenly stopped. I felt really bad, but at least I didn’t jump a curb, parked perfectly uphill, downhill and for parallel park, and didn’t hit anything or anyone. Right now turns, speed and stops aren’t my strong point. Sometimes I have trouble judging the distance and braking in time to come to a completely smooth stop. And turns sometimes I hit the gas instead of the brakes going around the corner or else I slow down too much and don’t have enough gas to make it around the corner. Since I just started today, I kept going too slow, except once when I accidentally went 60 km/h in a 50 zone, but I slowed down as soon as I noticed I was over. I felt like I was distracted by all the checking in the mirror stuff and I wasn’t sure how people think they can drive while texting or reading or applying makeup or whatever they do behind the wheel that they shouldn’t be doing

Tomorrow I’ll have to drive home from the dentist which is pretty much driving from the university home. Luckily I am familiar with the roads around there. Sort of. But also it will be my first time interacting with other drivers and pedestrians, but also with traffic lights. Since my community is very quiet and most people had already left for work there weren’t many vehicles on the road. Whenever I saw one, I naturally just panicked a little. I think the instructor noticed and sometimes he would put his hand on the steering wheel just to make sure I didn’t over correct to avoid hitting another car or something. My biggest fear is still hitting another car and not being able to stop, but I’m a lot more confident than I was to begin with. I’m actually looking forward to my next lesson.

Driving School

My relationship to driving school and getting my class 5 GDL driver’s licence is a love-hate relationship. I was sorta excited by the idea of getting a car in joint with my sister and finally not having to ask my dad for a ride when I work until 7pm, but at the same time, I didn’t really care. I didn’t have any real need for a driver’s licence because I was going to university and parking costs way too much for me anyways. Now that I’m graduating and it looks like I won’t be getting into law school, I will be working a lot more and will probably need the licence just so that I’m not such a hassle to my parents.

However, after my two week vacation and seeing how crazy Italians drive, I began to reconsider wanting to learn how to drive and also reconsidered moving to Italy despite my love for pasta. I came back not excited by the idea, but knew I had to continue with it. So early this morning we headed off to the school and I was beginning to get my excitement back. It was short-lived. As soon as the instructor opened his mouth, I knew it was going to be a long day. Now, I don’t say this to be rude, but if you can’t speak or understand English fully, you shouldn’t be teaching students how to drive. If I ask you a question and it takes you 20 minutes and 4 people trying to explain it to you for you to get it, you’re probably not qualified. I don’t care if you’ve been driving for 35+ years, it doesn’t automatically make you an expert in the field. I could be interested in writing for 20 years and churn out hundreds of crap manuscripts that never get reviewed and I never improve and decide to self-publish, doesn’t mean that I’m a good writer. You say that licensing is to regulate who should have the right to drive, maybe they should screen you for the same thing. You clearly don’t know what you’re talking about and you understand even less. There are two instructors that I know professionally¬†from this school, that’s what made me choose it i the first place, but this instructor makes me want to forget about driving forever.

The classroom portion of the class is supposed to be 9-5 not 9-5:30 and today he only got through 20 some pages out of about 100. We watched a whole bunch of pointless videos made in the early 90s and he didn’t even know how to operate the DVD or computer. Every time he wanted to talk he would turn of the projector, why can’t he just leave it on and talk then go to the next slide instead of showing the slide, turning it off for 5 minutes to talk then turning the projector back on to show the slide that we have in our workbooks for about 3 seconds and turning it off again? Also, what’s the point of showing the “how to use this DVD” portion of the DVD and saying that that is the important point of the DVD? It clearly isn’t important, it’s the content not the “how to use.” Also, if the video has no sound, maybe you should turn it on so that we can hear what we missed. There’s no harm in re-watching some parts that were missed. I’m so pissed off right now.

Honestly, I don’t remember the instructor’s name, but it was something close to Asswipe. That would be a pretty accurate description of the services and attitude he provides. He is completely rude and I f***ing want to burying him in a pit of man eating pigs. Like the one in Hannibal. The one Mason Verger has. That one.

Then there’s the issue of the road test. I may have the theoretical knowledge and be good at it, but that is very different from application. I’m worried that I won’t be able to master everything required for driving in the time I’m given. Also, I don’t want to go with a certain driving examiner, but I don’t want them to be offended because they’ve known me for a while too. I just hope that that driving examiner will be all booked up and I will be able to go with a different examiner and avoid offending them.

I’m sorry for ranting so long about this. I will try not to post too many rants because I know how tedious they are to read. Once I get over this sleep deprivation I will resume posting short stories, poems and whatever else I normally post. Thank you for bearing with me.

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