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“The good write…

“The good writer competes only with the dead”
-Raymond Chandler-

Work in Progress

So recently I’ve been working on a new piece. It was supposed to be about affairs that the main character has as she is going through university, but apparently what I’ve done (and learned) in my detective fiction class had different ideas. Now it’s turned into a murder mystery, but I still want to go with my idea of the affairs as a way of exhibiting and exploring female autonomy and sexuality. However, the problem is, is that the story may become too long for one book or too disjointed to be included all in one novel. This is also the first time I’ve broken the book up into chapters, so it’s a bit weird for me to write. If I serialize it then it’ll be a while before I get to the part I really want to write about and again, something new for me. Right now I’m having trouble writing the next part. This, in part may be because I’m writing it up on the computer. I’ve always had difficulty writing what I consider “good writing” on a computer. I’ve always had to write by hand before I type it up, which is in a way how I edit my work. The computer is incredibly strenuous on my eyes and I prefer writing by hand. As I once said, “The pen is personal, the computer critical.” That is true when it comes to writing my essays as well. I’ve never been able to write up an essay by hand and have it amount to a good critical piece. It is perhaps that my critical essays must be typed up to be handed in that it’s become a habit, while I’ve been writing creatively since I was five and access to a computer was a luxury.

Maybe story boarding might be a good idea, especially since there are going to be so many characters and subplots. I’ll also need to sit down and decide on some GOOD character names, especially for the main character. I don’t like her name, but I’ve always had ways of coming up with weird nicknames for them which I fall in love with. I also love playing with meanings of names as a way of building the character, just as the humours were used to establish personality traits for characters during the early modern period.

Despite being stuck, I want to keep writing this novel and I don’t want to do anything else other than write. And the problem is, is that I have an essay on torture, homosexuality and Edward II due in a week. That I haven’t started on. I’ve spent the whole day reading sources for my essay and I don’t want to know anymore about this topic. No, it’s not gruesome or anything like that, but has anyone tried reading 20 pages of Holinshed’s Chronicles?! HONESTLY!!!!!!! I have given up on reading it for the most part. I’ll come back to it later, maybe just reading the parts in which Edward is murdered and comparing that to the play. But I’ll definitely have to reread the play…that’ll be fun!

Oh yeah and I have a book review to finish. For the most part, it’s done. I just have to bring it to class for a final workshop, fix it up for Wednesday and DONE! But the Edward essay isn’t going to be like that. I have the nitpickiest teacher for this class. At least I didn’t fail the last essay. Although it did take her a month to mark a 1000 word essay. I mean, seriously?! I get that you had to edit a book, but it’s not like students have to take five courses that involve writing 3 essays due for the same day and work or anything crazy like that. I’ll just be happy to be done this course. I just want to graduate. And not with a GPA burning in hell…if possible. The end is near. And I’m definitely in fear.

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