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The Good Girl

I’m not the kind of girl
Who boys would drop everything for
I’m not the kind of girl anyone ever notices

My purity
Measured by the colour of my dress
Meant nothing to you

To you I am not invisible
I am the one who took your breath away
As you have taken mine
Do you remember what it was like
To gaze upon the stars?
Do you remember the way your breath caught in your throat
When you first met me?

I never believed I could be anything more
But you showed me
What it was to spread my wings and soar
But then you left me
But I never forgot my worth

I cannot unsee the sun
Nor mistaken the shadows for reality
The frozen spring
Will not fade
But my once shrouded eyes can never see again

I long to be myself again
To retreat into the comforts of who I was
But like stepping into a river
It’s never the same┬áthing twice

Just your average Joe

My life has been sunshine and rainbows
Since you became the apple of my eye
Our love has blossomed like a rose
But like every rose has its thorn
So too does our love

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