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Again and Always

Here I sit
Alone again
Reduced to nothing
And a nobody

I’ve read between the lines
Done my research too
Learned and know things about you
That you don’t know about me

And like I’ve done for years and years
I watch you and wait
Like all the others
I wait for you to make a move
And all the while
Write to you
Letters and poems that you’ll never see

Boredom’s Love

There are times I’m flippin’ out
There are times I’m calm as can be
There are times I’m both
But you never will see

In my greatest time of need
You aren’t here for me
Not because you don’t want to be
But that you cannot be

When I think of you
My hands begin to tremble
I feel my heart rise up into my throat
I can’t think of anything to say
I can only want to love you

No words are ever necessary
I just want to be with you
No language could ever describe
These feelings I have for you

You make me the happiest I’ve ever been
In these ten years past
Just seeing your face
And imagining your smile
Are enough to get me through a day

Speaking to me puts me through shock
I can’t function for weeks
You fill my brain with
And Dopamine

My bloodstream becomes contaminated
With oceans of adreneline
Until you leave me
And reduce me to shivers and shakes
Once more

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