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Twisted Love

There are so many ways to say I love you
Be careful
Buckle up
You just have to listen

But that’s not how I grew up
That’s not how I learned of love
I learned of love through pain and bruises
I learned of love through breaking to pieces
And had to learn to put myself back together each day just to face the world again
I learned that no one could love me
Not with all my scars
Nor did they dare to traverse my emotional minefield
I learned to love myself
To be alone
to never depend on anyone else for my happiness

I learned too early
What it was not to trust
For no one wants a shattered soul

We all want what’s best for us
But there comes a time
To not be selfish
And that is when we grow
From girl to woman
From boy to man

And until that is learned
We live in a society of children

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