Reader. Writer. Romantic.


Like the morning’s dew
Your kindness is fleeting
I find myself
Seeking comfort
Where there is none

Where is the joy
That you once brought?
My phoenix
My brilliant love
Hast thou burnt thyself to ash and dust?

You ask of my warmth
When yourself
You have none

Tired eyes
Constant lies
Where is the light
That ran through your veins?

That’s all we feel now
Novelty faded
Just another creature
Passing by
Like strangers
Living together
Repeating the motions of love
When only feigned mirth

Has life come to this?

I miss us
On grand adventures
Atop the highest mountains
Gliding across the boundless seas

When our dreams
Knew no limits
When our youth fuelled
Our imaginations

Did we do this?
Set fire to ourselves?
Reduce such eloquence
Such ardent passion
To nothing more than ash?

Such is this life
This pitiful existence we have chosen
And yet
I shall remain
Unable to lift my eyes
To meet your demands
To be that which you’ve always dreamed

I disappoint you
But you disappoint me

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