Reader. Writer. Romantic.

You can count on me

The lightest touch
Tips me over

Falling endlessly
Like Alice
Down the Rabbit Hole

For too long
I’ve drawn out
The strands of my soul
What made me me is now long gone

I look in the mirror
And all I see is sadness
A husk
A shadow
A sliver of who I once was

Where is that girl
Who used to smile so easily
Now lives the girl
Who hides behind forced delight

I will never let on
How much I’m hurting
I’ll never let let on
How much I struggle

I’ll be whoever you need me to be
Want me to be

I will face the world
And perform perfection
Because I’ve forgotten how to live
Any other way

I will wear whatever mask you choose
Dress in whatever attire you require
Dance to the beat of your heart
And sing the song of your soul

I’ve long forgotten who I am
All I know is that I’m here to serve

Whatever you need
Whenever you need
I’ll be here


And forever

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