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Location: 2 – 5720 Silver Springs Blvd

Touted as the best pizza in Calgary is a big claim made by the restaurant’s website and one that I had to verify. It’s a claim that my friend Alex, and her boyfriend, Alex, would agree with.

As it was a Sunday, it made sense to stop in here as they had 1/2 priced pizzas on special. As usual, I took a look at the menu before hand, deciding on the Donair Pizza. Ever since I’ve had the Chicken Shawarma and Donair Pizzas at Seniore’s, I’ve been obsessed (more on this later). What’s not to love about fresh tomatoes and garlic sauce and onions? Alex decided on the Hawaiian and her boyfriend decided on the spinach and feta.

I will admit that this place has some interesting combinations that I’ve never thought of trying together and yet, here they are. My first thought of the spinach and feta pizza is that it’s a spin on a spanakopita.

The donair pizza was what you’d expect from it: onion, tomato and donair meat. It also had mushrooms, which isn’t something I normally get in my donair/shawarma. Like I’m not sure mushrooms are even an option for donairs/shawarmas.

Since I had been so hungry earlier and started snacking, by the time it was dinner, I couldn’t really eat all that much, so I opted to go with a small, individual sized pizza. Because it was 1/2 price, the rules were that the pizza had to be dine in and you couldn’t pack what you didn’t finish to take with you, otherwise the 1/2 price wouldn’t apply. Luckily, by finish, it didn’t mean I had to consume all the crust. If it did, I would’ve been dead.

According to Alex, it wasn’t as busy in the restaurant as it typically is, which was nice because it meant that we got our food in pretty quickly.

I know this is a centuries old debate, and oftentimes, I go both ways, but on this night, I decided to eat the pizza with a fork and knife. Partly because it was too hot to pick up and the part that I could pick up would cause the rest of the slice to droop and the toppings to potentially fall off. The first thing I noticed about my pizza was how much cheese was on it. I love cheese. Especially gooey, melty cheese (God, cheese pulls are to die for!). And the best part was that as the meal went on, the cheese stayed gooey and stringy and melty, which is more than I can say for most, if not all the pizzas I’ve had in my life. The crust is pretty good, but I would have preferred it a little less doughy. I like mine with a little more crunch, but that’s a personal preference rather than a technical error on the part of Mitillini’s.

Overall, the pizza was just mediocre. Especially when I compare it to the donair/shawarma pizzas I’ve had at Seniore’s. I think the garlic sauce is what really does it for me at Seniore’s and I would have to say that Seniore’s has the best pizza, in my books. I know I haven’t written a review on it yet and I’m not sure that I will. My reviews are more based on sit down restaurant experiences, but I would say, if you’re in the Beddington area to stop by Seniore’s and give it a try (I’d probably give that place a 3/5). I’m not sure that I’d go out of my way to come to Mitillini’s again for the pizza, but that said, I would definitely come back and try out their pasta and steaks on their respective special nights. I would rate this restaurant a 2.25/5.

Small Donair Pizza

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