Reader. Writer. Romantic.

Mirabelle Evans, Trilonia

Prompt: create a dating profile for a character, fictional or OC


Basic Information
Occupation: Director of Military and Strategic Planning, Trilonian High Counsel
Age: 24
Height: 5′ 10″
Highest Level of Education: Ph.D
Relationship Status:  Single
Favourite words that describe me: Responsible, Intelligent, Ambitious

What I am looking for:
Someone who is responsible, but knows how and when to have fun.  Understands what it means to do something for the greater good and the advancement of the partnership as a unit, rather than promoting only his or her own self interest.  Eloquent and loquacious, but also understands the power of silence.  An excellent negotiator, who enjoys engaging in debates.

What I have to offer:
I am an individual in a stable, long-term career who takes my job very seriously.  My idea of a good time is engaging in intellectually driven conversations that make me think about my current world perspective.  I believe in equality and giving what I get.  Essentially, I will only work as hard as you are willing to in order to make the partnership work.

What does falling in love mean to me:
Love relies on the mutual commitment of one individual to another.  It is something that makes me want to try harder each day to work towards something that is greater than myself.

Hobbies and Interests:
In my spare time, I enjoy reading on my skybalcony, enjoying the view of the city and the cool breeze that is reminiscent of autumn.  When I am not working, I enjoy riding the hydrotrain around the city and exploring its streets.  I enjoy trying new things whether it’s a new food trend or a new area of study.

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